Kings Gets Booted to Summer, Only Twitter Can Save It


You remember Kings right? The high-concept, low ratings show on NBC starring Al Swearengen and a bunch of pretty people? Well, it was running on Sunday nights, getting horribly low numbers, then they moved it to Saturdays, where it got even more horribly low numbers, and now they’re moving it to summer, where the show can finally die in peace.

Kings will come back June 13th and air what it’s got left until July 25th. Producers are encouraging “fans” (there’s got to be a few out there) to send twitters (tweets?) to @DirectTV (not @NBC?) to help save the show, like what happened with Friday Night Lights. Except I don’t think that was via Twitter. And Friday Night Lights is actually good.

Rest in peace Kings, we hardly knew ye.

  • Kings is an awesome show. NBC never gave it a chance.

  • I watched the first episode (free on XBL, yay) but it was seriously flawed and was incredibly too religious for my tastes 🙁

  • Warren

    It’s not a terrible show, not great but not terrible, but seriously moving it from Sunday to Saturday was supposed to achieve what exactly? Because I can’t imagine a universe in which that move leads to better ratings. I don’t think it will get saved but at least they are going to let it run it’s course, eventually.

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