Kimmel DESTROYS Leno on His Own Show


I know we’ve been posting a lot of Leno/Conan late night crap lately, but I think the story is pretty damn fascinating, and I haven’t seen anything quite like what Kimmel did to Leno last night.

The few of you who watch the Jay Leno Show will know 10@10 is Leno’s thoroughly awkward segment where he asks celebrities 10 questions. This is without a doubt the only one I’ve ever seen worth watching. Kimmel TEARS into Leno every other question over the whole NBC Tonight Show debacle, and Leno just sits there and takes it. When watching, I could feel the heat from the sick burns emanating through my screen.

  • Madison

    I don’t think Leno’s funny, and he is as vanilla as you can get…but I don’t like that he’s the bad guy in all of this simply because he’s not as funny as Conan. Leno, actually, has seemed to handle most of this pretty professionally (as has Conan), and neither is the good guy or bad guy.

    It’s just that NBC has their heads up their asses.

  • Venro

    Hard to say, to me Leno’s not completely innocent in this whole thing, if nothing else but the fact that he’s taking his old show slot back. If he was being professional, at least in my opinion, he wouldn’t have taken that deal effectively kicking Conan off the Tonight Show. But then again I don’t know what went on behind closed doors, all we really get to see if them slugging it back and forth. Kimmel kinda gets screwed here too because now he’s got to go back if Conan stays.

  • Bryan

    Wow, Kimmel started off pretty small, but really ramped it up. Gotta give credit to Leno for not taking the bait. NBC were a bunch of morons, I think everything I read outside of NBC PR expected this to tank, but not even this fast. I might care if I was still watching any of these late night abominations, now they have turned themselves into a meta-joke.

  • Madison

    @ Venro

    Sure, I could see that. But really, there’s a lot of grey area and it’s tough to say either is good or bad. I think we can agree that it’s NBC’s incompetence that is causing all this to begin with.

  • FrankenPC


    Kimmel can really think on his feet. I feel sort of sorry for Leno. Meh, never been a Leno fan anyway.

  • hyuri

    Like Venro said, if Jay Leno is truly an upstanding guy with ethics, he won’t even want to take The Tonight Show time slot. Take the high road and say “look, we tried to make this work, I guess now I will retire for real”.
    But the true blame lies in NBC, they promised O’Brien The Tonight Show, then to make Leno accept the deal, they promised him the prime time slot. And now the house of cards all fall down in front of their eyes.

  • Josh

    Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired. Just like the idiot who didn’t tell Jim Cramer that Jon Stewart would tear him a new one if he went on his show. Someone HAD to know that Kimmel would do this.

  • Mr Cinema

    Go Team Coco!

  • Ace

    I think jay and jimmy talked about those questions before the broadcast. I think jay was intentionally setting him self up to be made fun of. 3:23 “Ever order anything off the TV”. That does not sound like a question anyone would ask anyone.