Katy Perry’s Banned Duet with Elmo on Sesame Street


Really, you couldn’t see this coming? Did you even WATCH what you just recorded after you were finished, Katy Perry?

I understand your need to display your boobs prominently at all times, lord knows if I had them I would, but I think it might be time to tone things down on Sesame Street, especially if your music video requires you to RUN for an extended period of time (starting at 45 seconds).

Counterpoint, I suppose kids who are young enough to watch Sesame Street are too young to care about boobs, but even my liberal ass can understand what parents might be complaining about here. Thankfully, due to the magic of the internet, the rest of us of proper age can now enjoy her fine work here over and over indefinitely.

  • KC

    Wow – we truly are the United States of the Offended. I don’t see anything wrong with the segment. Perry wasn’t showing too much anything. People are too damn sensitive. Who knows what magazines little toddler sonovabich has found in his dad’s office, or how many times he’s walked by the TV while mommy was watching such fine programming as Desperate Housewives; but oh no, let’s throw off on Katy Perry and Sesame Street. Lame.

  • Tishy

    ^ I totally agree. There really wasn’t much of anything going on in this video. I figured she was going to be jiggling all over the place, but things basically stayed where they should. People need to relax.

  • Kupfel

    oh wow … how on earth could this offend ANYONE. Seriously Paul, SERIOUSLY?

  • Bernie

    I still cannot get my head around the issue with breasts. They are a naturally occuring part of the body you know, every woman has them. Jeez, kids don’t give a crap about them and it’s only the mock self righteous reactions of certain sections of society who have an agenda that have made them an object of sexual fantasy or stupidity depending on your outlook and cause this kind of furore.
    To those people, get over it.
    They are quite happy to show dead and mutilated bodies on the world news but perish the thought part of a boob might appear and drive all the little children into paroxysms of fear.
    Stop with the pretend shock and horror already.

  • All I’m saying, is that it’s a lot of boobs for Sesame Street. I’d let my kid watch it personally, but I understand why it’s a bit controversial.

  • Bernie

    I think you just hit the nail on the head there Paul. It’s controversial because that section of society makes it controversial.
    It’s all a question of fake moral attitudes and quite often quasi religious outrage from a small minority that sparks these issues.
    Under these circumstances you’re quite right.

    Now if she had whipped her knickers off then I would be a little hacked off. lol

  • Jonas

    Only sexually repressed idiots would see anything wrong in this. People are too scared and obsess with boobs. “Even my liberal ass can understand what parents might be complaining about here.” Are you serious? What the hell you understand for “liberal”? A video game in which you smash the head of a black guy against the pavement, is that “liberal” for you? Like what I said to an American friend of mine, liberals from this country would be considered conservatives everywhere else.

  • @Bernie

    Yeah I think you understand what I meant, perhaps I wasn’t clear enough


    Yeah, I often forget that many of our readers are from abroad and yes, this totally does speak to our hyper sexually repressed culture. Within the confines OF that culture, I see why this is an issue. And yes, liberal here is likely to be conservative elsewhere.

    What the hell video game is that you’re talking about?

  • Anaughtybear

    Perry is a clown. I don’t see why we take her seriously enough to pay her for the retarded shit she does.

  • Tyson

    Obviously the solution is to put every female appearing on Sesame Street from now on in a burka.

  • Tim

    Its not even the boob thing. She’s just such a fuckin whore it would be atrocious for her to be on a kid’s television show. Just a fuckin garbage bag slut.

    • Madison


  • First I need to say that (much to my fiancee’s grief) I LOVE this video. It is pretty fun, and I think Katy was having a grand old time. What I really don’t get about the boob objection is that you can tell that her top isn’t even open, but that there is mesh covering the exposed area. Still really don’t get why this is a problem for some folks. Thank gord for the internet.