Just a Couple of Good Friends

I’ve seen quite a few funny behind the scenes shots from The Walking Dead, but this might be my favorite. It’s Rick with the “half zombie” who might be the most iconic one of the whole series. I hear the make-up process for her took about seven hours.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, I know I’m not reviewing it, but damn, it’s getting pretty good isn’t it? After about eight episodes of not much happening the last few have been pretty damn incredible, don’t you think? I was shocked with the ending of last nights, and I’ll discuss it a bit with spoilers below.

Now that Shane’s dead, who the hell is the bad guy in the group? I loved Shane as a character, as I thought he was a necessary force of chaos. Dale was a force of good, but now BOTH are gone, and now what happens?

Also, how exactly are the dead turning into walkers without being bitten? I thought Shane might have purposefully exposed the capture kid’s wounds to zombie blood as part of his plan, but how did he get infected himself? Has the virus mutated to become airborne so that any dead body in the vicinity is affected? That really changes things.

Anyway, great episode, and since the midseason finale, the series has finally shot past mediocre into rather excellent.

  • Benc

    In the comic it never states whether it’s an airborn thing or what. But it happens in much the same way, someone dies without a zombie involved and suddenly they become a zombie which really cause concern.

    But it has never been disclosed as to what is causing the zombie plague. Which is one aspect that the show has been faithful to which I appreciate.

    Also the Shane turning into a zombie sequence was cool with the flashes of zombie knowledge flashing across the screen.

  • Batttmaan

    in the books, they find out that your already infected, so in death you would awake a zombie, also they actually dont come to this realization much later in the books, and because they buried shane’s body before he turned. Rick drove back to his burial dug him out, and there he was all zombish eating dirt

  • mfillmore


    Loved that scene in the books, Batttman!
    Theres a spread page from the books where Rick and group figure out that all the dead become walkers.
    and Rick shouts: We’re ALL the Walking Dead!

  • angryman

    its never been explained 100% but the theory in the comic is that everyone carries the disease, and when they die it takes over

  • Mark

    RE: bad guys – don’t forget about the Others!! Oops, wrong show – the other camp!

  • Well, the show does deviate from the graphic novels a lot.
    But we were shown Shane cutting his own hand open on the bus with a knife he had just used to kill a walker less than ten minutes previously.

  • xxxxshaprie

    I hate the concept of airbone virus…. How does it only affect corpses yet fluid transfer can instantly affect the living?

  • Alex

    Shane was a necessary casualty before the start of the next season because next season the best of Walking Dead’s Big Bads makes his debut. Just basing it off the comics, the new villains have yet to be introduced.

  • adam

    if you remember in the first season when they were in the CDC and at the end of the season before they escaped it, the scientist pulled Rick to him and told him something that has yet be disclosed in the show, however i strongly believe that he told Rick that everyone is infected and that they will turn if they die even without a zombie bite. I believe the scientist discovered this when he took all they blood samples when they first entered the CDC.

  • Donovan

    Not to mention the scratch Shane took at the school with Otto… He discovered it when he shaved his head(?), and when he heard about walkers being turned without being bitten, was putting 2 and 2 together.

    Personally, i thought his bit with the prisoner kid was the onset, (the time dilation, the frenzy), and finally resulted in the blind aggression that led him to his final scheme…?

    But yes, terrific. Definitely paving over some much stranger and sillier moments past. Where DO they go from here?

  • Steve

    I had to say this on Uproxx, and I see I have to say it here as well. Has ANYONE even watched the ORIGINAL Romero trilogy? EVERYONE becomes a zombie REGARDLESS of how they die. All the old people who die of heart attacks? Re-animation in 3-5 minutes. All the people on life support in the hospitals and the power goes out? Re-animation. In the original “Night of the Living Dead”, the little girl turns into a zombie, kills her mother by stabbing her, and the mother turns into a zombie a few minutes later.

    It seems that everyone now likes to follow the 28 days later/Resident evil (videogames) logic of “you only turn if bitten”.

    There was never an explanation in the Romero films, and I’m guessing there’s no explanation here. Glad that the writers of the comic/show have kept the original Romero idea.

    A shame none of you have figured it out.

  • Ampersands

    A spoiler alert would of been nice for the Shane thing, since it was the most recent ep. 🙁

  • Ampersands

    Sorry – saw the alert. My bad. Was reading from google reader and the jump to article is a lot earlier than on your website

  • Craig

    What about Dave and Tony, the two guys that were shot in the bar with Herschel and Glen?? Why didn’t they reanimate in like 4-5 minutes like Shane did?

    And also isn’t it weird that they went on this big walk so that Shane could murder Rick… and the farm house is like a field away??

  • Annie

    Well, one of the guys in the bar didn’t reanimate because Rick shot him in the head, but we don’t know if the other guy came back or not, since everything got crazy outside.

    I love all these theories that are going around. Can’t wait for the season finale 😀

  • kongobong

    @Craig Rick made sure they won’t by shooting both in the heads after he outdrawn them
    Dr. Jenner told them the reanimation process varies from people to people: “The brain stem reanimates from a few minutes to 8 hours after death.”

  • Mustache

    I like the way that Shane dies in the comic better than the show.

    I wonder if it had to do with the boy killing a live person rather than a zombie because of T.V. restrictions? …

  • BobaFett

    There was time between Shane’s death and his reanimation: Commercial break + flashes. My theory is that Shane was infected sometime in the past, saw that he was infected and purposely infected Randall, then killed him. Then committed suicide by Rick, AFTER opening he fences they showed at the beginninf of the Episode. Therefore attempting to condemn everyone.