Just a Couple of Good Friends

I’ve seen quite a few funny behind the scenes shots from The Walking Dead, but this might be my favorite. It’s Rick with the “half zombie” who might be the most iconic one of the whole series. I hear the make-up process for her took about seven hours.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, I know I’m not reviewing it, but damn, it’s getting pretty good isn’t it? After about eight episodes of not much happening the last few have been pretty damn incredible, don’t you think? I was shocked with the ending of last nights, and I’ll discuss it a bit with spoilers below.

Now that Shane’s dead, who the hell is the bad guy in the group? I loved Shane as a character, as I thought he was a necessary force of chaos. Dale was a force of good, but now BOTH are gone, and now what happens?

Also, how exactly are the dead turning into walkers without being bitten? I thought Shane might have purposefully exposed the capture kid’s wounds to zombie blood as part of his plan, but how did he get infected himself? Has the virus mutated to become airborne so that any dead body in the vicinity is affected? That really changes things.

Anyway, great episode, and since the midseason finale, the series has finally shot past mediocre into rather excellent.