Jon Stewart Now (Rightly So) America’s Most Trusted Newsman


Wow. Just look at that. Some would say it’s a dark day for our country. I would say it’s an awesome one.

I’m part of a generation that I don’t think people really realize exist yet. Since about freshman year of college, I’ve gotten the vast majority of my news from The Daily Show, for better or for worse, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t help reverse my trust of the Bush administration over the course of eight years, and influence my policy views on a few issues.

It’s not because I’m a pushover, it’s just that Stewart was incredibly adept at pointing out the hypocrisy and flat out lying that existed in the administration, and when facts started to not line up (no WMDs, no Iraq 9/11 connection), I was pushed over the edge from Republican to Democrat.

So long live Stewart, and I with polls like this coming out, expect to see him maybe move to a major network soon.

  • MAC

    While he was adept at pointing out Bush’s mistakes, he has not given Obama the same treatment.
    He is the same as every other agenda-laden, editorializing crap newsman that they all are. ‘Don’t feel proud; feel ashamed, very ashamed.

    -side point- Why wasn’t O’reilly on there? I assume he’d be at least equal to Katie Couric.

  • Madison

    @ MAC

    Glad you said it before I did.

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  • True Brooklyn

    The argument that Stewart was adept at pointing out Bush’s mistakes but not Obama’s is false. The show calls out this administration for it’s faults and missteps as well. The Bush administration just did a colossal amount of things to “WTF!?!!” about.