Jon Hamm Cast as Tina Fey’s 30 Rock Love Interest, Wait, Really?


 It’s like one of those ads. She married him?

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm is officially coming to 30 Rock for a guest stint as Liz Lemon’s love interest. Hmm. So how do I say this without sounding incredibly gay? Let’s try it: Jon Hamm is way, way hotter than Tina Fey. Nope, super gay. Whatever, I’m an objective assessor of beauty.

Anyways, this casting decision is a bit suspect, because I think that since Fey is a writer, she really, really just wants to pen herself a makeout scene with Hamm. Oh wait she’s married, not allowed to say that. But yeah, I’m sure his impossible good looks with be a main focus of the show, with Liz running around pulling her hair out saying things like “He can’t like me! He’s too gorgeous! AUGH!” Alright, alright, I do expect 30 Rock to be better written than Cathy, but we’ll see.

Hamm is going to be a doctor that lives in Lemon’s apartment building. He’s already filmed a few episodes this year, and is coming back in January for some more. Sounds like a bit of a long term guest star, which is fine by me. Because he’s a good actor. Yep.


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