Jersey Shore is Way More Scripted and It’s Still Amazing

It’s time to start talking about Jersey Shore again shall we?  Now despite the fact that tons of reality shows these days aren’t really “real” persay, the reason I think so many people took to this particular show is because of A. How genuine the characters seemed and B.  This hilarious “Jersey/Guido” culture taking the world by storm.

No one knew how funny and entertaining this thing would be but from day one we were all smiling.  Hell we were even crying when we saw these people get emotional.  Essentially we’re talking the Real World but with meatheads and guidettes.   And isn’t that exactly what we want?  Yes.

But let’s talk about the new season and how much more scripted it is….

Ronnie and Sam

You gotta love how funny this is.  It’s a reality show?  I mean the cast members are well aware that this show is on TELEVISION hence everything that goes on will be on the air.  So why all the sneaking around?  Why film Ronnie kissing other girls?  Why have them give a shit?  You know the producers are like “Sam, you’re the bitch this season and you have to pretend to be all crazy and played out by Ronnie.  Ronnie, go get drunk and act like a moron.”  And yet I’m still entertained and still think it’s hilarious.


Her slap on Pauly might have been the fakest thing in the history of television.  You’ve gotta be kidding me.  And yet still, it’s entertaining.  It’s fun watching the girls fight.  It’s even more fun watching Pauly get worked up.

The Situation

Has anyone noticed he’s a good guy this season.  I mean save for the taking the shirt off and being cocky, what’s up with him keeping the peace all the time?  I don’t get it.  He’s bound to do something pretty bad at some point.  I’m just waiting for it to happen.


I remember hating how dumb she was in the first season and she kind of grew on you.  Now I’m just liking it period.


Producers to Jwow – “Just pretend like you’re going to get into a fight every single episode.”

As for the rest of the cast.  I don’t really care at this point until something happens.

Bottom line, the show is 100 times more fake this time around and yet it’s still more entertaining than all of reality TV.  How in the world are they doing a season 3?  It’s absolute high comedy to me.


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