J. Scott Campbell’s ’80s Cartoons

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J. Scott Campbell is already one of our favorite artists on the site here, mostly thanks to this post and also his work on Danger Girl, but now he’s prying his way deeper into our hearts by taking us back to the glory of ’80s cartoons.

This was originally a print for Wizard Magazine (before it died, RIP) and lives on today as a “find them all” type image that will put your abilities to the test. Can you name everything in here? If you can, I’ll be very impressed. Can you find the Rubik’s Cube? All four Ninja Turtles?

Is there anyone not in here you think that he missed?


  • the dude abides


  • MZC

    oh wow that looks terrible, I don’t know know how he did it but it looks like Campbell has actually gotten worse over the years

  • Bert

    Can’t have He-Man without Skeletor.

  • SheriffBart

    I got every one except for the black armor dude standing right in front of Rick Hunter’s Veritech. Who/what is that?

  • wraith

    aside from those already mentioned. How about MASK and Superfriends as well as a ton of others. Laugh-O-Lympics anyone. Still I like his work

  • Red Anvil

    The black armor guy kinda looks like Monstar from the Silver Hawks, but I don’t see any one else from that show. He also neglected the Visionaries completely. They were great!

  • JoeandMarysOtherSon

    The black armor guy is Baron Karza from Micronauts.

  • Danny

    Found all four turtles, Leonardo at the left hand side of Voltron, Michelangelo is to the right of BattleCat and HeMan, Donatello is to the right of the Thundercats and Ralphelle is in between Voltron and Optimus Prime. And the Rubics cube is to the left of Strawberry Shortcake and the Carebears.

    Now as far as naming everyone on the pic, I can get 97% of that right.

    Ninja Turtles: Leo, Mikey, Donny, Ralph.
    Transformers: Megatron, Optimus, Soundwave
    Thundercats: Lion-O, Cheetara
    Smurfs: Papa Smurf and some random smurf
    Carebears: Heart Bear? Fix it Bear? I guess
    Voltron: Voltron Robot
    HeMan and the Masters of the Universe: HeMan, BattleCat, Orko
    G-I Joe: Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, I forget that lady name
    Strawberry Shortcake: Namesake.
    Ms. PacMan: Namesake.
    And the Rubics cube.
    As for Silver Hawks, I didn’t really watch that growing up, not much of it anyway but I’m certain the last three people I didn’t name are from that show.

  • YankeeGator

    Loved the Micronauts!!! Where’s Starblazers?

  • Loki

    You’ve missed ace and aggie from g-force: guardians of space