It’s Simple, We Draw the Batman

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If you’re like me, your grew with Batman: The Animated series, and appreciate the striking animation style to this day.

Well now thanks to this handy guide, which is an early prototype for the new Batman visage, you too can draw him like the pros. It’s a very simple shape, but when capturing him from all angles, there are certainly rules to follow. And never have his mouth too far down or else he looks like an idiot.

Good animation seems so simple doesn’t it? Then why can’t I be good at it?

  • thomas

    Why don’t you guys ever cite your sources? Where did you get this?

  • Jim Lahey

    Why wasn’t that composite of features done when I was in second grade? These damn kids and their internet; my drawing skills could have been 10 times what they are if I had templates like that to practice off of.