It Gets Fuller


If you’re like me, chances are you will never grow a mustache as lustrous as Bert Reynold’s or dare I say it, Ron Swanson’s. Sometimes it’s just in the genes.

But for you young-uns, there’s still hope. This PSA from mustachioed celebrities have a message for you: It gets fuller.

Swanson himself, Nick Offerman, is here to reassure you, and he’s brought along some friends as well.

Hmm, maybe I should try for one again. It’s been a few years… But I predict in eight days my fiancee won’t want to be seen with me, and won’t take “it gets fuller!” for an answer.

  • GrandWazoo

    That’s when you say, “It will be shaved by our wedding.” That’s a good ultimatum. She has to realize that she will be sucking all of your free will for the rest of your lives, so you deserve a mustache until then.

  • Lt. Brannigan

    bUrt! not bErt!

  • With that kind of attitude, GrandWazoo, she certainly ain’t going to be sucking anything else!

  • GrandWazoo


    And with your lack of humor, you’ll be sucking up Ben and Jerry’s as an old spinster.

  • Silly me, I was under the impression we were both joking. Last time I checked a zing for a zing was fair play.