Is That You Stephen?

This goofy picture of Stephen Colbert circa uh, a number of years ago, has taught me a valuable lesson. Be nice to that goofy kid in all your classes with unkempt hair and a scraggly beard, he just might grow up to be the host of his own late night show, and invent new words like “truthiness.”

How many of you watch The Daily Show (don’t get me started on people who call it “The Jon Stewart Show” or even worse “The Jon Daily Show”) but not The Colbert Report?  It’s just a big time commitment to watch both, and if I have to pick one, I go with the former. Colbert is funny yes, but his entire thing seems like a bit that goes on and on and never relents. I guess that’s part of the charm, but I just prefer snarky comments from Stewart, who can occasionally transform into an Onion-like parody of Glenn Beck, but only rarely, and certainly doesn’t base a whole show around it.

But Colbert has his niche, and his audience, and he’s sure as hell better than any other cable late night host out there.


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