Incredible Game of Thrones Impressions from Steve Love


Impressions are always a YouTube classic, but how many Asians can you really watch do Christopher Walken impressions? After a while, you get to know all the classics, Brando, De Niro, Freeman, etc, and you want something different for a change.

Well, today we have it with this series of fantastic Game of Thrones impressions from the talented Steve Lowe. He goes through many of the (male) characters from the show, and his best efforts in my estimation are Robert and Varys which sound beyond pitch perfect. Jon Snow and Ser Jorah are pretty hilarious. I’m surprised he didn’t do Tyrion, and there have been additional requests that he should do Jaqen H’Ghar, which I agree with.

Watch all of his impressions above, and if he posts a sequel video, I’m all over it.

  • Johannes P Anderson

    That was hilarious!

  • hIs Jon Snow was indeed hilarious 😀

  • Kristoph

    Awww I was waiting for Tyrion Lannister!

  • The Black Halo

    That was amazing. I think I laughed the hardest at Jon Snow, but Lord Baelish was so spot on it was almost creepy.