I’m Sorry But Two and a Half Men is Still Really Really Bad

I’m still there.  I’m still at the point where I can’t give this show more than five minutes.  And forgive me but it’s the same thing with Big Bang Theory.  I’m into geek culture as much as anyone else but there’s gotta be a way to make that show funnier than to have Jim Parsons talking like a pretentious douchebag all the time.  I mean I guess I like Kaley Cuoco.

Anyway, on the other side of the spectrum we have Two and Half Men.   I’ve tried folks.  I’ve tried and tried again and here I am convincing myself that I’m wrong and that the show has to be funny.  If millions of Americans like it then so should I right?  Right?  Wrong.

I really need some help understanding what the allure of this show is.   From the little I’ve seen, and I’ve tried, here’s what I can deduce about this show right now….

It’s not Ashton Kutcher’s Fault

So I watched the first episode just to see how it might turn out.   Well, it didn’t  Bad writing is bad writing no matter what you do.  And frankly the show isn’t different at all with Kutcher on.   He’s a good looking guy, rich, can get women, and Jon Cryer is jealous and acts like a whiny little lady all the time.  Sound familiar?  It sure as hell isn’t Ashton’s fault.  He’s just filling in for Charlie.   He’s playing his role well, it’s just that his role isn’t funny at all.

Angus whatever your name is isn’t funny

OK from the very first show of this season I’ve stuck with the belief that Angus T Jones isn’t funny and I still believe this to be true.   Even if this kid got the best writers on the planet he wouldn’t be funny.  300K an episode to fart on a couch after a funeral?  Peeing outside the front door?  This is the kind of crap that gets laughs and what this kid gets paid for?  Has he ever said a smart line?  Has he ever made a funny face?  Anything?  Bueller?

The Story isn’t all that Different

As I said before, we have Jon Cryer acting like a little girl, which I know is his character.  We’re  getting used to Angus Jones working his way into Ashton Kutcher.  And then there’s a Ashton Kutcher.   We still have the annoying mother who couldn’t be more annoying if we tried.  There’s that brutal housekeeper.  I get it, she’s tough!   And a total ripoff of that annoying maid from Will and Grace, both not being funny by the way.   Being blatantly honest and mean doesn’t make your character funny at all.  Not if there isn’t something creative to say.

Jon Cryer is Annoying, Not Funny

The same can be said about Big Bang Theory.  You either love Jim Parsons or you hate him.  I happen to hate him.  Same goes for Cryer’s whimpy character on Two and a Half Men.  This one I can’t really support.  It’s just a feeling I have.

Oh Yeah, the Writing is Juvenile

Frankly I don’t think the writing is all that smart.  Every punchline (if that’s what you call it) can be seen from a mile away.   Writing in peeing and farting?  Lame.   I haven’t heard one witty remark on that show yet.  Not one.    I understand that simple comedy can be funny but this is beyond childlike.  I don’t know.

Anyone agree with me and if not why?