I’m Missing Good Sci-Fi TV

There are plenty of great shows on TV right now, with some even calling it a new “golden age” of television with the amount of quality programming that has mostly come out of the cable channels, but there’s one genre that seems to be suffering more than most.

It’s sci-fi, and though there are attempts year after year to get a good sci-fi show off the ground, nothing really ever lives up to its potential, and there’s a drought of quality shows in the genre. V, The Event, Falling Skies and now Terra Nova have attempted to fill that void, but none of them are particularly…good.

Where’s the next Battlestar Galactica? Firefly? Jericho? Dollhouse? Why won’t more cable channels take a risk with sci-fi in a grittier setting? These networks shows are shiny and corny and the mood is just all wrong. Why won’t HBO or Showtime or even FX step up with a new sci-fi concept? Don’t get me started on Syfy.

People will probably point to Fringe as the best sci-fi show on TV right now, and it’s fine, but it’s not exactly a space opera. The Walking Dead? Horror, not sci-fi in the traditional sense.

Take a chance on sci-fi people! Don’t let these crappy network shows scare you off the concept.


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