Illusions, Michael!

I get the whole minimalism trend to a certain extent, but there are days when it’s just a liiiittle bit creepy. Like right now. As much as I love the cast of Arrested Development, I can’t remember ever wishing to see them devoid of facial features.

This series of prints is the work of Visual Etiquette, who reminds me that I have never once spelled etiquette right on the first try. There are five more in the series and a few minor characters get some love in addition to the old favorites. I’m still waiting for a Steve Holt one. I wonder what his quote will be?

  • Paul S.

    Awesome…and perfect timing because I just started re-watching Arrested Development from the beginning on Netflix. I’m surprised I still laugh as hard as I did five years ago when I discovered the show in college. I’d like to see Ann’s with “not pictured” in parentheses. God I love this show.

  • Alex G.

    I love how Gob has the queen of diamonds painted on his chest. If you need me, I will be at SeƱor Tadpole’s having a margarita made in my mouth.