I don’t care how much outside the usual this post may be, this gave me too many chills not to post. After an up and down movie career over the last few years, The Rock finally returned to the WWE this week on Monday Night Raw. I grew up watching this guy for years, and once he left the industry my interest went with him. But now he’s back to host Wrestlemania (and promote Fast and Furious 5), and this video is absolutely amazing if you’re a fan of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. Errr, now he’s changed that to ALL entertainment.

It really is pretty impressive that he managed to cram in all 50 of his most memorable catchphrases into this appearance, and sadly the only thing he doesn’t do is wrestle. But fans watch the video and tear up the way I did. The Rock is back, and he’s going to be laying the smacketh down on everyone’s candy asses.

Second part of the video below:


  • Nyxaria

    “I grew up watching this guy for years, and once he left the industry my interest went with him.”

    pretty much how it went for me, now stonecold needs to come back, that would be so awesome

  • Rob J

    Stonecold and The Rock are awesome
    I didnt grow up with Hulk Hogan but he was awesome too until he started doing reality shows on mtv

  • Jack

    Man, I grew up watching WWE in it’s heyday (The ‘Attitude Era’ 1996-2002), where the fans were amazing, and the matches and stories were electrifying. It all ended after Rocky left (and I’d argue that it did several years before).

    This video gave me chills as well.

  • Anyone remember when the Rock first debuted? He was some Egyptian dude with a King Tut getup.

  • Troy J.

    Stone Cold is coming back, just on Tough Enough right now though. He will be a trainer on the reboot of the Reality Series set to return next month.

  • Cheryl

    Damn you Rock…friends of mine who loyally watch every PPV keep trying to get me to come out for one…years ago I said I would if The Rock was there – assuming he would never come back to WWE…and because my friend has the memory of an elephant I get a call last night confirming my attendance at their Wrestlemania party…I have no idea who anyone is anymore…I stopped watching after The Rock left….maybe the food will be good…

  • Rosstopher

    He was the best thing that ever happened to it. They tried to turn him into a villain at some point when i was little and it was impossible, the guy was too damn entertaining. I still call people jabronis, btw.

  • Parker Jammstein

    That kid at 2:20 shat his pants.

  • matt

    He was awesome for sure. Pretty awesome vid.

  • It will be interesting to see what happens to the wrestling world with the Rock making a comeback.

  • Drester

    Seeing these comments I won’t start my usual WWE rant. To be fair, the best fighting game I ever played was WWE vs WW something on the n64.

  • starr

    the rock should’ve challenged bieber to a fight. the winner would host. and the loser would have to retire from what ever field of entertainment they were apart of.

  • Schiapu

    This here is why I love Unreality. You mix up everything that is awesome from everywhere and I thank you for that.

  • chris

    to starr… that would have be epic but everyone know “that” woman can’t fight so no real contest. i saw this on FJ the other day and yes it is awesome

  • Gabriel

    Chills man…

  • BobaFett

    He’s better in this than any movie he’s ever made.