I don’t care how much outside the usual this post may be, this gave me too many chills not to post. After an up and down movie career over the last few years, The Rock finally returned to the WWE this week on Monday Night Raw. I grew up watching this guy for years, and once he left the industry my interest went with him. But now he’s back to host Wrestlemania (and promote Fast and Furious 5), and this video is absolutely amazing if you’re a fan of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. Errr, now he’s changed that to ALL entertainment.

It really is pretty impressive that he managed to cram in all 50 of his most memorable catchphrases into this appearance, and sadly the only thing he doesn’t do is wrestle. But fans watch the video and tear up the way I did. The Rock is back, and he’s going to be laying the smacketh down on everyone’s candy asses.

Second part of the video below:



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