Five Huge Sitcom Stars That Have Slipped Off The Radar

There are clearly positives and negatives to being on a hugely successful sitcom.  The benefits are that after time you can ask for obscene amounts of money.  Plus you are a big time celebrity during the tenure of the show.  Also, there are perks like potential Emmy’s, free shit that all of us don’t even know about and just being part of the elite is great.

The negative?  How do you possibly follow all that up when the show is over?  It’s rare to see someone keep that celebrity for an extended period of time unless that person was already big time before the show ended, or unless they’re very talented.  One example might be Julie Louis Dreyfuss after Seinfeld.

I can’t stand her new show but I must say she’s reinvented herself and is still a big time sitcom star.  These five people haven’t fared as well….

Michael Richards

Well it’s pretty evident that being a complete racist and having it taped doesn’t exactly help your career.   Aside from his own show which tanked in 2007 and a couple of bit parts on Curb Your Enthusiasm this guy is getting very little work.  His only other credit was David Copperfield in 2000 which was made for TV I think.  Personally I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of him anymore.

Jason Alexander

Well I guess we never really will see Alexander escape the character of George will we? Alexander is a very good stage actor so we’ve definitely seen him and he’s getting work but as far as the big stage and us seeing him all that time, that rarely happens anymore.  He does mostly voice stuff for cartoons.  It’s nearly impossible to follow up with something better or as good as the character of George.

Brad Garrett

Can someone explain to me how Til Death lasted four seasons?  Someone must have been paying the networks handsomely to keep that on.  Garrett does still get parts in some things but overall he’s just not the celebrity he used to be.  Now he mostly shows up at sporting events making a jackass out of himself.  That or playing poker and being rude for the sake of being rude.   The guy was big time when he was in Everybody Loves Raymond.

David Schwimmer

He’s got 7 credits since Friends.   Three of those are for voice roles in the Madagascar series and one is a guest spot on 30 Rock.   I felt like during Friends he was huge.  I mean they all were.  Funny thing is though, Schwimmer was in a ton of stuff before Friends (over 30 credits) and barely anything after.   Who knows what he’ll do next.

Debra Messing

She kind of fits but not really because I predict she’ll always have a career on Lifetime.  Still though, she’s definitely not in the limelight anymore.

Bonus *Matt Leblanc Pre his New Show

If it weren’t for his new show I’d have put in Leblanc.  The only thing I’ve seen on Leblanc (after the Joey show tanked) is some article that talked about how he always had white hair and colored it.  Other than that there was nothing going on with this guy. Zero credits since The Joey Tribbiani show.  Best of luck with your new gig buddy.