How to Report the News with Charlie Booker


This aired on BBC 4 some time ago, but I only recently stumbled across it. It’s an Onion-like segment from a program called “Newswipe” that details how exactly real news organizations go about setting up a story.

It sounds boring, but trust me, it’s quite funny, and especially true if you watch CNN or any local news these days. Is the BBC making fun of us, or do they do this themselves too?

  • Andy D

    The BBC do this themselves, it is a pretty much perfect reproduction of BBC news.

  • Carax

    Charlie brooker is by far the best presenter on British tv. He is so acerbic and sharp with his humour. I would recommend looking him up on YouTube. News wipe and screenwipe are superb programmes.

  • Ant2206

    Brooker is a genius. For the best zombie tv series that isn’t The Walking Dead, track down Dead Set, made by Charlie Brooker. Zombies destroy England, and the last refuge is the only building completely isolated from the rest of civilisation: The Big Brother house.

  • Kristoph

    Hahahaha, that was great, Australian news does this exactly straight down to the tee.

  • OTWarrior

    Charlie Brooker is fantastic. His screenwipe show was hilarious.

  • SLeeZeY

    Charlie used to do a show on BBC2 at night (the name is lost to me), and the first time I saw it was the first time I’d even heard of him, an his first words were “Paris Hilton is a fucking cunt”

    Then it was love.

  • Colbert

    Brooker is a genius. I love Screenwipe and Newswipe.