How to Make the Greatest Sci-Fi Show in History

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How do you make two classic sci-fi TV shows even better? Why smash them together of course! This Trek/Firefly mashup is a pretty great piece of photoshop, and really makes me wish we could have seen this crossover at some point.

But I always found it interesting that Whedon’s Firefly universe was devoid of aliens of any kind, something that’s a rarity for sci-fi epics spanning the galaxy. Even the Reaver’s are actually human, and I can’t see aliens really being a good fit in that universe.

As much as Trek has its moments, I have to say that Firefly is a fundamentally better show, and I’m bummed it barely got half a season while Trek has about 28 between all its different iterations.

  • Kaeyne

    Technically, Inara never was part of the crew, for she had her own shuttle and was just hitchin a hike.

    Ah, never mind – that picture is freaking awesome!

  • Vadim

    My attention is at Jewel’s boobs.

  • Sean

    shouldn’t Book and Wash be the only ones wearing red shirts?

  • Velovan

    “If you take sexual advantage of that alien with six boobs, you’re going to burn in a very special level of Hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.”

  • Justin

    “I am going to burn in a very special level of hell…”

  • carnut0913

    not only that, firefly is the only sci fi show to have christina hendricks on not one, but two, real and spectacular episodes.

  • Alex

    Red Dwarf also ran for many series in a “no aliens” universe.

  • Jack

    Except that the xenomorph from the Alien series (and, by extension, the Predator race via the AvP films) exist in the Firefly universe as established by the Weyland/Yutani logo on the antiaircraft battery commandeered by Sgt Mal Reynolds in the pilot episode. And now, with the addition of Prometheus, we know that the Engineers and all of their other creations also exist in the Firefly universe.

    However, if you go the route of Red Dwarf being alien-free because the alien-like lifeforms were genetically engineered by humans and then evolved separately then technically all of the xenomorphs created by the Engineers are not truly “aliens”. And since humans were created by the Engineers, too, we’re actually all related, leaving only the Predator race as true aliens (unless someone decides to have the Engineers create them, too, in a future film).

    My head hurts now.