How to Imitate a Chicken


Judging from this post yesterday, it turns out a lot of you are big Arrested Development fans like myself, as you should be.

Therefore, you should enjoy this diagram, which explains the various (wrong) ways to imitate a chicken, which is in my opinion, one of my favorite recurring jokes from the show. I’d post a clip of it here, but Fox = asshats and wouldn’t dare let me put up thirty seconds of their precious copyrighted show.

So just use the diagram and imagine it for yourselves. “Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?”

Update: Video found! (after the jump) Hurry, before it’s blasted from the internet. Thanks Irfan!


  • J5

    All my life you’ve called me a chicken.

    Chickens dont clap…..CHICKENS DONT CLAP!

  • chrystani

    “Has any of you ever seen a chicken”…

    Hahahaha best show ever!!!

    Love when GOB actualy looks for his chicken mask and the joke is over by time he finds it…

    Ahhh… Classic.

  • Laura

    That man is a homosexual! Be careful if you’re in Mexico doing that dance…

  • Velovan

    *Claps* Co-ca-co-ca-co-ca…

    While we’re on the subject of Arrested Development, here’s every single “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

  • Lauren

    That shirt cracked me up – I didn’t even need the clip to laugh out loud! I was just searching for that chicken clip yesterday! Do you guys read my mind? Thanks!

  • very Funny illustrations!!

  • b-rad

    hahah that was one of my favorite jokes from the show, how they all had chicken impressions, but were equally awful.. haha GoBs was still the worst of all of them though

  • Who does the chicken dance.

  • cool

    nice art…

  • Saxon DeSteele

    Tobias makes a chicken noise when he’s dressed as a chicken inside the cage during Gob’s “Free Chicken” trick. It sounds like “ber-qua, ber-qua.” Very funny. And Michael imitates a chicken while driving the stair car and talking to Lindsay on cellphone, “Cluck, cluck, cluck.”

  • Fisty

    Awesomely awesome.
    Best. Show. Evar.

  • chrystani


    LOOOOOOOOOOVE Tobias’ chicken!!! Like, what does that even derive from? hahaha!!!