How Many Plot Holes Can Possibly Fit into Five Minutes of Heroes? Thirty-Seven



I just finished watching the Heroes that I had DVR’ed, and I’m normally fairly forgiving with the gaping plot holes brought on by time travel and immortality, but honestly, I can’t take much more. The final few scenes of the episode had so many things wrong with them, I don’t even know where to start.

– The entire plotline of the episode was to stop Claire from being the catalyst, so they went back in time to try and stop it. Claire changing herself as a baby was the weirdest #@%$ing thing I’ve ever seen on TV and it should have destroyed the space-time continuum or something.

– Hiro is now the catalyst instead of Claire. How is that better? Oh and Arthur comes back to steal it IMMEDIATELY. How the hell did he know where they were? If he knew they were there, why didn’t he just teleport directly into Hiro’s house and take it from his dying mother when he first got time travel powers multiple episodes ago.

– Arthur stole Peter’s power, which is the ability to steal powers by being near someone. Granted Arthur stole all his stored powers, but shouldn’t he still have Peter’s original power? That means he should have the power of literally almost every single character on the show, including Sylar, who himself has about a dozen odd powers. So why the hell does everyone with multiple powers ONLY use telekinesis all the time? (Answer: It doesn’t require special effects)

–  The end scene has Peter, the Hatian, Arthur and Sylar in a stand-off. Peter is holding a gun on Arthur, who doesn’t have his powers because the Hatian is there. The Hatian is getting weak because Arthur has too much power (that can happen?). Peter fires the gun, Arthur waves his hand, something slashes Peter’s face, the bullet is stopped by Sylar via telekinesis.

– Is Sylar not effected by the Hatian at all? He’s able to stop the bullet with no trouble. What the hell slashed Peter across the face? The bullet? Psychic energy? The Hatian is apparently taking away only Arthur’s powers, because he’s unable to stop the bullet thrown at him by Sylar with his own telekinesis. WHY DOES SYLAR HAVE POWERS RIGHT NOW?

– The bullet busts into Arthur’s head, but as soon as the Hatian leaves the room, his magic healing powers should take over right? If the argument is that the bullet is still lodged in his head (Claire stick style if you know what I mean), then why is everyone just leaving him alone? Shouldn’t they be lighting him on fire or tying him up with chains and throwing him into the ocean? And if he really is dead, shouldn’t everyone get their powers back? If that’s not how it works, how the hell are Hiro and Peter going to get their abilities back? Synthetic super solider formula?

– Theoretically Arthur, Sylar and Peter should never be able to die since they all have Claire’s power. That is unless the Hatian feels like hanging around them post mortem for the rest of his life to make sure they don’t heal. How can a show exist where all the main characters and villains are immortal? It’s like Neo fighting Agent Smith in The Matrix Reloaded all over again.

These questions and more will undoubetdly, NOT be answered in next weeks exciting installment of…Heroes.

PS. Sylar’s new lie-detector power? Lamest. Thing. Ever. It’s Parkman’s ability, but way, way less useful.

  • Blazer

    1.The hatian got overpowerd by arthur and for a sec Hatian lost his power and arthur could use his ability by slicing peter on the cheek. (Sylars headoff thing)

    2. true sylars new ability sucked but he could not know if arthur was his father, its not likely sylar could mindread him.

    3. haitian had not enough power to get sylar??

    Ps: the electric chick was to cute to die
    here is a list of people that needs to die in heroes asap:

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  • cynical bastard

    where do I start?

    – should have destroyed the space-time continuum or something
    who said so?

    – Hiro is now the catalyst instead of Claire. How is that better?
    how is it worse? and Claire doesn’t want more powers. lame I know, but there’s your answer.

    – Is Sylar not effected by the Hatian at all?
    He’s focused on Arthur, it doesn’t just go out and hit everyone.

    – as the Hatian leaves the room, his magic healing powers should take over right?
    yes, but who cares? Arthur is the worst character, he needs to go.

    – Sylar’s new lie-detector power? Lamest. Thing. Ever.
    a lame power, but used to good dramatic effect. and the scene when he kills the woman in her office is the best scene of the show all year.

    the rest is all true, but it’s not a documentary.

  • JOsecarlos

    As much as I love Heroes and stuck by the show and defended it when everything was going horribly wrong its just time to say goodbye.

    The characters that keep me watching have basically died. I told myself that as soon as Elle (Lightning Chick, Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell) died I would stop watching the show. I hope the show gets canceled, to save them some embarrassment.

  • good post. totally agree with you on:

    – Claire touching herself. While there is a lot of time travel rules and theories. Usually you can’t interact with yourself.

    – Hiro having the catalyst instead of claire… meh… not a fan.
    – Arthur appearing instantly after Hiro gets it… agreed, completely retarded.
    – Arthur having peters core ability… hadn’t thought of that, but yes he should have the ability to leech abilties without contact… I mean he got the electricity, the time travel ability this way…
    – The Haitian thing really pissed me off. In the first couple of seasons his ability has a blanket effect, that doesn’t really require him to focus, only having him around stops an ability. RE: Hiro loses his ability when the formula is stolen, and the Haitian doesn’t know he is there! He shouldn’t have to focus or force his ability.
    – The cut on Peters face. wtf.
    – Slyar unaffected. wtf.
    – Arthur just lying there with a bullet to his head. So true, they needed to cut his head off. I think that is the only way to kill the uber healer characters. It was shown briefly in an earlier ep this season. I’m happy with that, they should be completely immortal, and it would be hard for them to regenerate their head/body. But yes, cut him up, burn him and then scatter the ashs.
    – Sylar’s lie detector power… agreed. Though I’m happy he’s back on his quest for more powers. It was lame that Elle died.

  • Isn’t it obvious why Arthur can’t use Peter’s power? It’s called “Empathic Mimicry” for a reason. The user needs to have empathy for the super-powered person.

    Peter just naturally feels empathy for everyone.

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  • anon

    Can’t you just assume the many worlds theory?
    That way all time-travelling paradoxes can be cleared up.

    As for arthur going to hiro and not straight to his mother, maybe he didn’t know the exact date and somehow followed hiro there, i dunno, its only a show.

    Plus as long as the haitian is conscious and has enough energy he can shut off all nearby powers. What happened here is he ran out of energy, as soon as that happened arthur could retaliate, causing the scar, but by coincidence sylar got there at the right split second to stop time.

  • DHG

    I’m pretty sure the Haitian has the option of shutting off all nearby powers OR focusing it on certain people.

  • Lorcan

    if u hav such a problem with heroes dont watch it and stop bitchin about it.

  • Yeah the Haitian can choose to stop all powers or focus on a specific person. He had to focus on Arthur because Arthur was so powerful. He even mentions that in the show I think…

    As for the cut, the pause in the Haitians ability allowed Arthur to cut Peter, he obviously had the same kind of power as Sylar, the cutting thing. That or something else happened with Sylar that they had to cut out of the show.

    Arthur probably had to wait until Hiros mother had given the catalyst to someone before he could steal it, maybe it wasn’t activated until then or something.

  • Rosien

    ok, the hatian’s power DOES have a blanket effect, but because Arthur was fighting it the Hatian was focusing his power.

    and the reason they didnt have to cut off his head should be obvious. they’re mentioned the “sweet spot” in the back of the head like 50 times by now. clair seems to want to tell everyone about this little weakness at the slightest provocation. the bullet went through this spot, destroying it. therefore he is dead, really dead, completely.

    as for the catalyst being Hiro instead of Clair, that’s so the catalyst doesnt exist until they take it back to the future. if they go back in time and take the catalyst to the future then in the time in between there would be no catalyst. this is a good thing for them.

    though, as for Arthur knowing right where to go, he probably painted it. that’s the simplest answer, and the most likely. he painted him, clair, and hiro on the roof. the hard part to figure out is how he knew WHEN to go. who knows. all i care about is that he’s dead. it was a horrible character that needed to go.
    Sylar is a way better villain.

    ps. “cake?” best line ever

  • chelriman

    Heroes actually makes a really good job of transferring the classical comic medium to TV. Plot holes and extreme oddities and characters acting extremely stupid is sort of a staple of old comics, and in that regard they do a really good job on Heroes.

    But it doesn’t make good TV. If you watch it as a comic nerd (I’m guilty of that) then it makes you smile, but to the casual watcher Heroes is… well, weird to say the least. I don’t want to call it bad, because, well, it is still much, much, MUCH better than a lot of stuff you see, but it’s certainly not a gem when it comes to cinematic arts.

  • John

    Oh God, the lie detector power. Of course the real problem with it is the same one as with Matt’s power – that the users were *morons*. If you can read minds, be subtle about it! Don’t say “you’re lying” so everyone knows, just remember who lies to you and don’t trust them!

  • joe

    Yeah, Sylar’s “lie detector” power would be much more useful if he didn’t spit out “You’re LYING!” line a few milliseconds after the other character tries to BS him… And he’s intelligent enough to mindf**k/play with liars once he catches them in lie.

  • Veritas

    The “uber healers” can’t just come back from the “dead.” Their power works by preventing their cells from dying, ie they are in stasis even though their cells can’t get oxygen. Since the Haitian was there, Arthur’s cells started to die.
    (The living-with-no-oxygen concept is proven when Adam is in the coffin; he doesn’t die, but doesn’t have enough air to live forever.)

    If Arthur can time travel, he can go back to ANY time during ANY episode, so it doesn’t matter. Why he chose to get the catalyst at that specific moment is unknown. Perhaps he had to wait for the catalyst to get transferred to someone new?

  • Glass2099

    Watching the show for a long time now and the biggest plot skewer for me and apparently many others is Hiro’s master of time and space power. The biggest fault with it seems to have just come recently. The new big bad, Samuel, has just had Hiro’s girl Charlie, who Hiro went back in time to save (finally after what? 2-3 seasons later), sent to some undisclosed place in time by Samuel’s own time traveler, an act that kills that minion.

    Big Plot Hole:

    Why didn’t Hiro just go back a few minutes ago (like he does many times later in trying to get it right in saving Suresh) to take Charlie with him before Samuel is any the wiser?

    Simple answer:

    This never happened because it would have killed the current season and probably the series.

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