How Many Plot Holes Can Possibly Fit into Five Minutes of Heroes? Thirty-Seven



I just finished watching the Heroes that I had DVR’ed, and I’m normally fairly forgiving with the gaping plot holes brought on by time travel and immortality, but honestly, I can’t take much more. The final few scenes of the episode had so many things wrong with them, I don’t even know where to start.

– The entire plotline of the episode was to stop Claire from being the catalyst, so they went back in time to try and stop it. Claire changing herself as a baby was the weirdest #@%$ing thing I’ve ever seen on TV and it should have destroyed the space-time continuum or something.

– Hiro is now the catalyst instead of Claire. How is that better? Oh and Arthur comes back to steal it IMMEDIATELY. How the hell did he know where they were? If he knew they were there, why didn’t he just teleport directly into Hiro’s house and take it from his dying mother when he first got time travel powers multiple episodes ago.

– Arthur stole Peter’s power, which is the ability to steal powers by being near someone. Granted Arthur stole all his stored powers, but shouldn’t he still have Peter’s original power? That means he should have the power of literally almost every single character on the show, including Sylar, who himself has about a dozen odd powers. So why the hell does everyone with multiple powers ONLY use telekinesis all the time? (Answer: It doesn’t require special effects)

–  The end scene has Peter, the Hatian, Arthur and Sylar in a stand-off. Peter is holding a gun on Arthur, who doesn’t have his powers because the Hatian is there. The Hatian is getting weak because Arthur has too much power (that can happen?). Peter fires the gun, Arthur waves his hand, something slashes Peter’s face, the bullet is stopped by Sylar via telekinesis.

– Is Sylar not effected by the Hatian at all? He’s able to stop the bullet with no trouble. What the hell slashed Peter across the face? The bullet? Psychic energy? The Hatian is apparently taking away only Arthur’s powers, because he’s unable to stop the bullet thrown at him by Sylar with his own telekinesis. WHY DOES SYLAR HAVE POWERS RIGHT NOW?

– The bullet busts into Arthur’s head, but as soon as the Hatian leaves the room, his magic healing powers should take over right? If the argument is that the bullet is still lodged in his head (Claire stick style if you know what I mean), then why is everyone just leaving him alone? Shouldn’t they be lighting him on fire or tying him up with chains and throwing him into the ocean? And if he really is dead, shouldn’t everyone get their powers back? If that’s not how it works, how the hell are Hiro and Peter going to get their abilities back? Synthetic super solider formula?

– Theoretically Arthur, Sylar and Peter should never be able to die since they all have Claire’s power. That is unless the Hatian feels like hanging around them post mortem for the rest of his life to make sure they don’t heal. How can a show exist where all the main characters and villains are immortal? It’s like Neo fighting Agent Smith in The Matrix Reloaded all over again.

These questions and more will undoubetdly, NOT be answered in next weeks exciting installment of…Heroes.

PS. Sylar’s new lie-detector power? Lamest. Thing. Ever. It’s Parkman’s ability, but way, way less useful.