How I Feel About Charlie Sheen Right Now

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Deadpool, the merc with the mouth, has been known to say some crazy shit over the years, but now Charlie Sheen is stealing his thunder by being even more batshit crazy than he is. A Marvel editor suggested a Deadpool/Sheen team-up on Twitter, and one fan took that to heart, but made it Deadpool vs. Sheen instead. Thankfully, it all ends with an explosion and no more talk about tiger blood.

I get the fascination with Sheen recently, but I’m now done. He’s said some insane stuff which has been mildly amusing, but now it feels like he knows the attention he has, and is just making stuff up to keep people talking. He’s been officially fired from Two and a Half Men (can you blame them?) and it’s time for him to fade back into obscurity.

I’m sure he’ll be dead in under a year, but not by an assassin’s exploding bullet, rather from an overdose or jumping out a window while testing if his tiger blood will make him land on his feet.


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