Hey Ash, Whatcha Cosplayin’?

If you aren’t familiar with Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’, you should be, as this is only like the fifteenth time we’ve featured her on the site. She’s a hilarious girl with a web show on Destructoid where she plays/acts out different games with her brother.

Well, that’s not all she’s into, as evidenced by the picture above, she’s also a pretty big Firefly fan. She’s dressed up as River, and her actual brother is dressed up as Simon, so that fits pretty well.

Don’t worry Ash, I won’t make fun of your costumes like I did all those other Firefly fans. Yours are actually pretty good I have to say.

  • hca66

    umm…where’s zoey…no black friends….u racists!!!! ha ha

  • Andrew C

    AND she’s a fan of Firefly?? Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more attractive! 😀

  • Crrrrrraaaaaaaapppppppppppp, I was standing to the left of them! ugh, i was waiting to get a pic of all of them. I had no idea that was ash too. SHIT!

  • Also, I thought the girl that was Kaylee was very cute and I kept looking at her.