He’s Master of Karate…and Friendship…for Everyone


If you understand that title, you will undoubtedly appreciate this audio track. For too long, Always Sunny’s Dayman has only been a piece of a song thrown in a few episodes, but now the Boys of Battle have recorded their own official epic version of the track, which you can see above.

I’m a little disappointed that there’s not a music video to go along with it, but all in due time I suppose. Speaking of, when the hell does Always Sunny come back? Archer is over and now I have no reason to watch FX all summer. Wilfred looks like the strangest goddamn show I’ve ever seen.

  • Sam

    No match for orginal one…

  • WakyWizerdX

    I loved it, except they left out the first verse which is probably my favorite part.

    ♪ They took you Night Man and you don’t belong to them♫
    ♪♫ They locked me in a world of darkness without your sexy hands, and I miss
    you Night Man. So baaaaad ♫

  • David

    Great song!
    Also Wilfred is an Australian show remade for America
    concept may sound strange but the Australian version is hilarious but I guess Australian shows aren’t always funny once remade (Kath and Kim)

  • ric

    This is good but the episode when they do the Nightman play that Charlie writes is brilliant and you need to watch that. Still love the work you guys are going over here thanks for inspiring me to open my own website up (www.dailystooge.com) keep them coming unreality

  • Your blog blows.

    Do yourself a favor and watch Wilfred. And Louie.

  • Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan says he already watches Wilfred and Louie. So it is.