Heroes Season Finale Was Decent But Could Spell The End For This Series


Last night marked the end of the season for Heroes, and possibly the final episode in the series’ run.  I’ve actually been pretty satisfied with this season -Claire’s poor judgment and inconsistencies notwithstanding – and believe it to be the best one since the first.  Last night’s show provided a lot of closure, but also left a lot up in the air should NBC decide to continue the series.  If this was merely the season finale, I’d say it was pretty decent and marked the end of a solid season.  If this was the series finale, though, then Heroes should probably be remembered as a one-season wonder.

Keep reading for the full review.  As always, there will be spoilers.

You can catch up on last week’s episode by clicking HERE.


Claire and Noah are still trapped far underground, imprisoned by Samuel in the souvenir trailer.  Noah is running out of oxygen and slowly dying, but due to her regeneration ability, Claire is merely stuck.  Now, I could be remembering this wrong, but wasn’t Claire not immune to suffocation?  It make sense that, sure, her lungs can regenerate, but didn’t her biological mother once punish her by surrounding her with flames and cutting off oxygen?  Again, I think this goes to the writers being inconsistent with the characters’ abilities (like Ando and the dreadlocked memory-projector), and if so, it’s gotten pretty annoying.

Anyway, thanks to a phone call from Lauren, Tracy shows up in one of the biggest dues ex machinas in recent memory to save Claire and Noah.  I thought it was actually pretty cool how Tracy turned herself into water to gain access to the buried trailer, and then carved out a giant hole in the soil for with her watery form for Noah and Claire to swim through.  Not nearly as cheap as it could have been since we did indeed see Lauren place the call to Tracy a couple of weeks ago, but still rather convenient.  Lauren awaits on the surface with a chopper ready to take Claire and Noah to Central Park in Manhattan to stop Samuel once and for all.

Oh yeah, just as he promised, Samuel moved the carnival to Central Park.  And just like in Angela’s and Peter’s dream, he’s decided to use Emma to lure in thousands of people so that he can slaughter them in his coming out party to the world.  The carnival is packed with people, both “specials” and normal humans alike, and even the press has been contacted to capture the big event.


When the arrive at the carnival, Noah and Claire split up to track down Samuel.  Edgar holds Noah at knife-point briefly, but Noah is able to convince him that he’s there to stop Samuel.  Obviously Edgar’s on board for that plan, and…wait a minute…what the hell was Edgar doing hanging around the carnival?  Wasn’t he exiled by Samuel?  Did I miss something?  Either way, Edgar and Noah formulate a plan to stop Samuel, part of which involves Noah calling Hiro for help and Eli (multiple man) being brainwashed by Parkman to help out, too.

It turns out that Parkman was present when Sylar and Peter awakened from their half-a-day-that-felt-like-five-years bromance, going through the fridge like the pudgy bastard he is.  Sylar has repented, and a quick scan by Parkman helps confirm this.  As for Eli, he wasn’t much of a threat to Sylar, who simply used telekinesis to pin him down while Peter read his mind to discover Samuel’s plan.  After five pseudo-years of repenting, Sylar is finally ready to use his powers for good.  I guess that breaking through his metaphorical mental wall also lifted the barrier preventing Sylar from accessing his powers.

The only regular characters missing from all the fun are Hiro and Ando.  Hiro’s healed and in complete control of his powers once again, and conveniently, Charlie has a hospital room just down the hall.  She’s an old woman now, as Samuel had sent her back to Milwaukee circa 1944.  Her and Hiro have a moment and it turns out that Charlie has lived a long, prosperous life, and is now a grandmother.  Ando helps Hiro realize that there’s nothing let to “fix,” and so the two of them can aid in stopping Samuel at the carnival.  I have to say, I’m often critical of the Hiro character for acting too childish, but it was real nice to see Ando and Hiro as a team again.  The two of them together have great chemistry, and when they’re acting like adults and trying to save the world, they’re incredibly enjoyable to watch.


Sylar saves Emma from Doyle (but spares Doyle’s life because, well, Sylar’s a “hero” now), and Peter takes Samuel’s power before fighting him.  Hiro teleports all the “specials” away from the carnival, rendering Samuel powerless, and Peter is able to layeth the smack down.  Samuel’s contained and sent away to the “old company,” and that’s the somewhat anticlimactic end of the season.  Well, not quite.  Tired of hiding who she is for so long, Claire climbs to the top of the ferris wheel in front of the press.  Just as we saw in the very first episode of Heroes, Claire plummets to the ground, only to get up, place her arm back in place, and walk away unharmed.  If this was indeed the series finale, I suppose that was a nice homage to the show’s roots.

But what if this was the series finale?  Finally, when the “specials” are exposed for what they can do, the series comes to an end?  Isn’t the most intriguing storyline that has yet to occur the revelation of the “specials” to the public?  And, uh, remember when Peter and some bad dudes robbed a bank using their powers?  How did that not make the news?  Oh well – I still think this would be an interesting – not to mention logical – direction to take the show.

What I don’t like, though, is Sylar becoming good.  I really shouldn’t have to explain why; regardless of how much he’s repented and changed, he’s still responsible for the deaths of dozens, including Peter’s brother/Angela’s son/Claire’s father.  It’s tough to see how anyone can accept him.  It’d be like Ted Bundy turning over a new leaf – too little, too late.  And dammit, if this was the series finale, that’s what comes of Sylar?  I guess this explains future Sylar in an apron and acting like a housewife, but it’s still pretty weak.  Also, I wonder why future Peter didn’t come back in time to shoot Claire and prevent her exposure.  After all, he did it to his own brother, remember?

Anyway, all in all, this was a very solid season, although the bar was pretty low.  Kudos to Robert Knepper for giving us a convincing, powerful villain besides Sylar that we have been missing for a long time.  There’s a lot that can be done next season, but I have a sneaking suspicion this is it for Heroes.  It was a nice run that peaked way, way too early.

What did you guys think?


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