Have Your Grave Guarded by a Gundam


I’ll give you one guess as to what country this giant Gundam tombstone exists. One guess.

This photo came to light in an internet forum conversation where fans were discussion what would happen when various anime superfans would start to die out:

“One particular use of the Gundam grave photo came when a netizen mused that in 30 years when fans of the original series start dying off, you’ll be bound to see Gundamthemed graves turning up everywhere. Someone answered by posting the top photo to everyone’s amazement. Another reader commented “in 40 years the Gundam era of anime’s fans will die off, 50 years later the Evangelion era’s will perish, and in 60 years we will see the demise of K-On! fans.”

Google maps has proved that this is an actual thing and not a clever bit of photoshop. Hey, if people can have giant angels watching over them, why not Gundams? I can support that.

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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