Hannibal Without People

Hannibal is probably my favorite show on TV right now. So much so I’m actually letting David R. do weekly reviews of it here, because I’m so curious to read his thoughts about it. His first review will be going up later today, and you should all look forward to it.

In the meantime, here’s a rather cool video project from Cold Mirror. Hannibal is known for its “too good for TV” cinematography, and that often involves carefully thought-out shots of things other than the actors themselves. The video above is “Hannibal without people,” a collection of these sorts of shots from the entirety of season one.

It’s all of the beauty of the first season, with just a little bit of the horror. Do yourself a favor and catch up on the show if you’ve missed it so far.


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  1. David R March 18, 2014

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