5 Classic Non Regular Character Seinfeld Moments


For those of you out there who don’t know, Seinfeld remains and will forever remain my favorite television show of all time.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every single episode at least 20 times and yet I still don’t get tired of watching it.  It’s probably because the show, even seen over and over again is still better than 99% of the crap that’s out there.

And when you’ve seen a show this many times you tend to look beyond the main characters.  You find out things you never knew were there.  Perhaps some of the best highlights of the show came from characters other than Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer.  And even further removed from some of the other “regulars” like the Costanzas, Newman, etc etc.

Here are 5 clasic non regular character Seinfeld moments

Who Doesn’t Want to Wear The Ribbon?


Bob and Cedric were definitely two of the funnier non regulars on this show.

That’s What I’d Like to Know About It


This might be my favorite moment in all of Seinfeld.  This guy actually appeared in another episode as an attendant in a parking lot during the “Hooker” episode.

He Looks like a Frog – So do You


You can’t mess with Peter Stormare.



Pee Pees and wee wees.   Philip Baker Hall baby!  This guy is the best.

Soup Nazi’s Greatest Moments


Obviously I had to get this in there

  • Tactleneck

    I was gonna flip my lid if Bookman wasn’t on this!
    My faith in humanity is restored.

  • like a boss

    great post! agree with all of your choices. only other sitcoms that rank with seinfeld are “arrested development”, and a british comedy “faulty towers”. not sure if mickey counts as a regular?…but he is awesome in every scene- especially the episode where kramer and him are dating two friends. its fantastic when him and kramer fight.

  • BobDae

    Phillip Baker Hall’s scenes were hilarious. The outtakes at the end of the episode were great. He kept cracking Jerry up

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  • Matches

    “That’s what I like to know about it” remains my favorite throwaway moment on the show as well, and really is one of my favorites of any moments. I have never NOT laughed at it.

    The most underrated thing about that actor’s (Chaim Girafi) appearance (which was not his only stint on the show as you noted), was that it seemed to be implied that he was the same character, despite working at a different location. Unlike some other actors who appeared on the show twice as different characters (most notably perhaps Christa Miller as the uptight bra magnate Ms. De Granmont and George’s velvet-tolerant, peach-pit sucking girlfriend Paula), this actor was written very subtly as somehow being in charge of two dubious establishments. He first appears as a parking attendant at a parking lot known as “Jiffy Park”, where George found that prostitutes were turning tricks in his car. When George asked the attendant for his keys so he could remove his car, he was stonewalled, and told to “Take it up with consumer affairs.”

    In the brilliant scene above, the same actor appears to also be the attendant at the dump (referred to as “Jiffy Dump”) and is equally unhelpful. We later see a frustrated Kramer returning to his Peterman Reality Tour bus, shouting back at the man, “Maybe I WILL take it up with consumer affairs.”

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  • Bert

    Ah, the Soup Nazi. Speaking of which, I was watching an episode of Arrested Development yesterday, and despite the fact that I’ve seen the whole series about 6 times over already, I STILL caught an in-joke I had missed until now.

    In the episode where Rita makes her first appearance, Michael and George Sr. are talking about the latter’s meeting with Saddam Hussein, George makes the comment “I thought he was the guy that played the Soup Nazi!”

    Later on in the series – when Michael, GOB, and Buster are in Iraq at the model home filled with Saddam look-alikes, the first one they meet is – the guy that played the Soup Nazi.

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  • MacGyver1138

    @Matches: I love throwbacks to earlier episodes like that. It doesn’t hurt that the Jiffy Park episode has one of my favorite Seinfeld moments with Kramer-Pimp!

  • Uncle Leo was a regular, but one of my favorite moments was when Jerry caught him stealing at Brentanos.

    “Uncle Leo, I saw you at Brentanos”
    “And you didn’t say hello?”
    “You were stealing!”
    “You still say hello”

    Later in that episode Jerry catches him again and rats him out to give him a scare, but the store employees bust him full force instead.
    “Jerry, you ratted me out!!”
    *Jerry Grins and asks “Hello?”
    *Uncle Leo gives a sad affirmative nod* “Hello.”

  • Rex

    The Soup Nazi was obvious (though correctly placed, natch), but I was glad to see the library detective in there. That ep was awesome.

  • where is Vegetable Lasagna?
    I also liked when Stephen Tobolowsky played the crazy mystic healer guy.

  • Great picks. I’ve been a big fan of Seinfeld too and it’s like revisiting the good old days. Thanks for sharing. You made my day! 🙂