Gotham High: The Animated Batman Teen Show that Never Was

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Here’s something I almost guarantee you never knew about. A couple of years ago there was almost an animated Batman series about his high school years. Overlooking the concept destroys all sorts of canon plot points, when you see how it would have looked, it’s absolutely AWESOME.

It was animated by the duo Jeff and Celeste, and was reportedly sent to DC but got lost among a million other Batman projects currently happening at the same time, though I think this one would have stood out over all of them.

There are a few more concept stills from what would have been the show below, with the heroes and villains put in various high school click roles. There’s jocks Bane and Killer Croc beating up on nerds Edward Nigma and the Penguin. Joker and Scarecrow are emo kids, while popular cheerleader Poison Ivy runs against Harvey Dent for student body president. Meanwhile, Catwoman and Batgirl compete for Bruce Wayne’s attention.

This really would have been cool in a “Clone High” kind of way, and I’d highly recommend DC file this one away for later.

[via NerdBastards]


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