Gizmoduck Cosplay Provides Healthy Unicycle Outlet

I’ve always been distrustful of people who learn how to unicycle. Why would you spend so much time getting good at something that is no way ever relevant to daily life or other people’s hobbies or interests? Unless you’re training to be a juggling circus clown, I don’t understand.

But now it seems there is a reason to unicycle I can get behind: Cosplay. Specifically, GizmoDuck cosplay. I loved Duck Tales more than almost any other cartoon growing up, and GizmoDuck made every episode even more awesome. Then he moved to Darkwing Duck and shit got real.

In any case, I fully approve of this costume, however crude it may be. It’s no sexy Gadget cosplay, making our childhood memories all the more confusing, but it’s damn good in its own right.

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