GIF of the Week: Special Guest Shatner

Nattyb usually does the GIFs of the week, but when I saw this I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s William Shatner still closer to his glory days as Captain Kirk rather than his new life as spokesman.

No, I don’t know what show this is from, but I’m sure some TV uber-fiend will tell me moments after I put this up. It really does sum up how awesome Shatner was way back when, and really just TV shows in general. I really want to see what happens next, so if anyone has a video clip of that, it’d be great.

  • Keithycheggers

    It’s from the beginning of an episode of Police Squad!! They always had these guest stars who got killed off straight away. Classic.

  • Scott Schulz

    Police Squad cold open. I don’t know which episode.

  • Kaeyne

    That looks like it could be from the old “Police Squad” series.
    The one that the Naked Gun movies is based off, in case anyone remembers it. 🙂

  • Drester

    Police Squad it is

  • KavehM

    Allow me to be the fifth to say definitely “police squad” …

    aaaand it’s right here fast forward to 0.35 for the Shatner Scene

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