GIF of the Week: One of Community’s Shining Moments

I admit it.  I don’t watch Community all that much.  However, I have to say that every time I have watched the show I do get a kick out of at least a few moments.   This moment is not one of them. However, anytime Joel McHale lines up for a pool shot in his birthday suit is something that has to be replayed and examined.

So with that being said.   Let’s get the captions started shall we????

  • Doombot

    Abed was just looking without batting an eye! lol

  • J5

    “Oh god! It’s winking at me!”

  • trashcanman

    Best show on television. The less you watch it, the lesser a person you are.

  • chris


  • Wermine

    I had to watch that clip looping ten times just to catch every reaction.

  • The dean will probably tweet that photo 😉

  • Nav Ghum

    I thought a pool table only had 6 holes

  • Cristopphh6

    8-ball in the brown pocket….