Game of Thrones Reimagined

If you’re like me, and started watching Game of Thrones WITHOUT reading the books, you never got to form your own ideas of what its characters looked like, and now, even if you read the books, you never will. But what if your perceptions were shaped by the book’s description and your own imagination?

That’s where Teilku comes in. He’s an artist who has done a series of rather amazing Game of Thrones prints, covering a large amount of the major characters. They stay close to both the book and the show in many ways, but they’re definitely unique interpretations as he definitely didn’t use the existing actors for a basis.

Tyrion is downright terrifying, while Cersei finally doesn’t have that stupid look on her face. Jon Snow above might be my favorite, even if he is a bit manga-y. Check out the rest below:







  • These are incredible, thanks so much for posting. I love to see how he imagined the characters.
    Reminds me: My high school English teacher was an amazing pen-and-ink artist. In our classroom, he displayed his versions of scenes from Lord of the Rings.. it was right about the time the movies came out so I found it fascinating to see the different versions of characters.

    I need to scan my Khaleesi watercolor fan art. (Here’s a low-quality, in-progress preview: Fan art is so much fun, I wish I had time to do more… (probably could sell it faster, hah)

  • unrealitylover

    As expected , they have been sufficiently boob-ed up, i always felt that there was a shortage of breasts in game of thrones X-D. Jokes apart, quite beautiful.

  • Lman

    Very nice depictions! The Stark kids were aged up in the show so these younger depictions are more accurate. Book Daenerys has “silvery” hair with purple eyes (but as I learned from the features on the blu-ray, acting with contacts was difficult for Emilia Clarke). Also, I imagined Tyrion much more grotesque than this depiction.

  • Random Leon

    Ned’s longer name is Eddard, not Neddard, haha.

  • ducky

    Beautiful artwork! Thanks for this!

  • Stormageddon

    Man, Daenerys is pretty well endowed for a thirteen year old.

  • Gonzalo

    Actually the characters of the Tv show were aged around 10 years compared to the books. Robb, Jon and Daenerys are like 15 years old in the first book, and the older generation (Jaime, Eddard, Catherine) is about 30.

  • Ron

    These are amazing. But if you compare them to the show he basically just made the girls hotter. Which is great.

  • Rumzii

    Is it just me or does the Bran one look like Arya (Maise Williams)?

  • Macavi

    @Rumzii I thought the same thing the second I saw him

  • Kyle

    Really over-sexualised both the female characters here for no apparent reason, I feel.

  • Dylan


    …you haven’t read the books yet, have you?

  • KatK

    I feel the portraits of the female characters are over-sexualized as well, and yes I’ve read all of the books, several times. A character can be sexual (as most humans are) without being reduced to eye-candy. Daenerys is presented here in one of her strongest moments, but in this interpretation she’s simply posed for a male gaze. Her hair is still there, her nudity is sexualized, she looks submissive and demure. She’s not even Daenerys, she looks like a cosplaying porn star.

    Cersei’s portrait is just silly, the pose and anatomy is ridiculous. She looks like a teenager.

    Also, Eddard’s “hand of the king” pin looks like his actual hand, giving him a gigantic head.

  • Tch

    I’m going to say you’re taking fan-art way too seriously when you start bitching about how an artist added a bit of skin. The series is already rape, pillage and murder across the board, so a bit of skin is hardly the most grotesque or vile thing that he could’ve depicted.