Game of Thrones Meets The Muppets

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You can tell how popular a show is by how many parodies it spawns, and it seems that Game of Thrones is pretty damn beloved right now, as things like this keep popping up.

This series of Muppets taking over roles from the show is by Yehudi Mercado, and he’s filled most of the major slots pretty well in my estimation. Granted, half these characters are already dead, but I’m sure more will rise up to fill their ranks, and he can continue the series.

Check out the rest of the Muppet Thrones clan below. I suggest Sam the Eagle as retired Kingsguard-er Barristan Selmy. Hah, I’m learning my character names at last.

  • This is fantastic!

  • JeremyH

    Tyrion Fozzister and Animahl Drogo are great. Man, Joffrey is such a rat!

  • Nick D Pags

    Too good. This is awesome.

  • Gank

    So. Much. Win.

  • CarrieC

    Two words: freakin sweet

  • Really great!-)

  • Sidster

    I would pay money to see this!!!!!!