The Best of Gavin McInnes


If any of you are not familiar with Gavin McInnes then you should be.  I first got wind of him when this youtube video hit the net called “How to work out from home” (which is featured here).   The best way I can describe him is kind of like a much more disturbed and angry Zack Galifianakis.  And I’m pretty sure I’m only saying that because of the facial hair.

But in any event, Gavin is about as honest as they come and about as dickish as they come.  He’s no holds bar vulgar, rude, insensitive and in my opinion pretty damned funny.

Sure you get tired of him but I’d say it takes a good while in order to get there.  Here are the best videos I could find of Gavin (I didn’t put the “If Women Thought Like Men” in here because it was NSFW).

How to Defend Yourself


Using your kid for humor.  Works for me.

How to Work out from Home


Ditto on the first video.

Baby Discipline


“Be man enough to let that go.”

On Women in Bars


I’m sure the ladies love this guy

This is Hilarious


A compilation of his best work

Amazing Street Magic – Kind of NSFW


The audience gets more than they bargained for.

Air Guitar Tournament


Are these guys for real?

Izza Kizza vs. Gavin Freestyle


This is amazing

  • JZ

    Never heard of this guy before but at first glance, he is a the re-incarnation of DDay from Animal House.

  • Madison

    I’ve never seen this guy before, but the self defense video had me in tears.

  • Seems to me, you’re missing his best videos. Eating the bowl full of piss soaked corn flakes? Walking around in high heels? Sneakily taking a piss on the street? Sophie Can Walk? The one where he’s all fucked up on blow in Mexico? The one where that brunette chick from the other site puts make up on him? Lots of really classy shit.

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  • He’s the guy who started VICE magazine and VICE records. I didn’t know he did funny videos though. These are great.