Fun with Kirk and Spock


Artist Robb Pearlman has a new book out, and it’s one many sci-fi fans are going to want to read to their kids. It’s called “Fun with Kirk and Spock,” and in case you can’t guess where this is going, here’s an official description from Pearlman:

“See the Enterprise. See the Enterprise go boldly. Go Go Go, Enterprise! Go Boldly! Join Kirk and Spock as they go boldly where no parody has gone before!

This Prime Directive primer steps through The Guardian of Forever to a simpler time of reading, writing, and red shirts. Fun with Kirk and Spock will help cadets of all ages master the art of reading as their favorite Starfleet officers, Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, and Gorn beam down into exciting adventures.”

There’s one more sample page below featuring Spock stifling his emotions and teaching a famed Vulcan finger gesture. Check it out:


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