Fun With Game of Thrones Vectors

Game of Thrones Vectors 1

I’m currently in mourning now that I’ve learned that because of an expected trip home, I’m actually going to miss the Game of Thrones premiere. Oh, the humanity! Why don’t my parents have HBO?

In any case, I’ll have to be content with the Walking Dead finale with the GoT premiere the next day as I dodge spoilers like the plague.

Keeping good on my word, here’s yet another bit of Game of Thrones artwork as we approach the premiere. It’s a series of vector drawings from Robert Ball who is really quite good at that sort of thing. Put them all together and they kind of look like a Beatles album cover.

See the rest of them below:

Game of Thrones Vectors 5

Game of Thrones Vectors 4

Game of Thrones Vectors 3

Game of Thrones Vectors 2

[via How to Carve Roast Unicorn]

  • PK

    Last season they did same day premier on HBO Go app. Logic dictates that they will probably do it this time too. If you have access that to that you shouldn’t miss it!!

  • marty’s bong

    amazing what you can do with Illustrator

  • scott

    or you could just torrent it. You know you want to!