Fun with Game of Thrones Minimalism

I like minimalism, I like Game of Thrones, therefore it stands to reason I like a well done combination of the two.

This series of simplistic Game of Thrones images from Thomas Gateley shows the five major houses of the show, along with a tagline that suitably sums them up. Their house animal makes an appearance, and I suppose these could be t-shirts if he really wanted them to be. Unfortunately I just used up my GoT shirt budget for the week already.

It’s been a little while since the show was last on, so pardon my question. Which house was the Arryn’s again? Is that Lady Stark’s family or someone else? I seem to remember the name “John Arryn” but I don’t remember why. Refresh me?

  • hun23

    House Arryn are the keepers of the Vale. You saw Cat’s sister (breasfeeding crazy lady Lysa). Lysa is the widow of Jon Arryn

  • JeremyH
  • SGD

    tagline? Those are the houses’ motto.

  • cas

    John Arryn was the hand of the king before Eddard, and was also kind of a mentor to to him and Robert.

  • Jason

    Not to mention the one who kept both Ned and Robert alive when Robert started his rebellion against the Targaryens. Also, I’d definitely buy the Lannister one as a print for my room.

  • Venro

    And to throw a bit more information in there. Cat’s side of the family is House Tully and their crest is a trout.

  • thegreatfatsby

    Looks like Paul should go and read the books instead of just loving Game of Thrones for the TV series. It’s not like the Arryn household isn’t mentioned liberally throughout the series.

    I still want to build me a sky cell for when the parents visit.

  • Laura

    everytime I come to this site…. you are asking your readers questions more than you are giving them new information… thanks for reminding me why I stopped coming here

  • Mark

    As hun mentioned, House Arryn are the Keepers of the Vale. Their sigil/animal is a falcon. Catelyn is actually from the Tully’s out of Riverrun. Her sister (also a Tully, duh), married Jon Arryn (as previously mentioned).

    FYI, the Tully’s sigil/animal is a leaping trout 🙂

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  • Hi Guys

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