Fox’s New Dollhouse/Terminator Grindhouse Trailer is…Well At Least They’re Trying


(click here to watch after the jump)

What Friday night death slot? Fox loves these shows, look at all the effort they put in to advertising for them with their crazy red scratchy video effects and old school fonts!

But yeah, to get people to watch a show on a Friday is going to take more than a marginally edited theme trailer with the common thread of “ass kicking chicas.” But at least in Dollhouse‘s case, it is a Joss Whedon show, so fans will cancel their non-existent social plans to stay home and watch it regardless. Kind of like half the country does for Battlestar Galactica right now (myself included).

I appreciate Fox is trying to be clever, but I think it takes more than tinting to make an actual grindhouse trailer. But hey, B for effort.


  • Poor Joss Whedon is all I can manage to come up with after watching that commercial. Why does he keep on going back to FOX?