Five Ways to Make The Office Much Much Better


Is it me or has The Office been significantly worse for at least two to three seasons?  I’m not going to say that “I don’t know why it sucks now.”  In fact I know exactly why it sucks and exactly why it used to be good.

And unfortunately something tells me that the producers feel that the reasons the show became a success stem much more behind its main character and not those other characters that made the show so lovable.

In any event, here are five sure ways to make this show funny again

Stop Doing the whole Jim and Pam Thing

Jim and Pam

OK.  It was cute at one point.  When Jim first kisses Pam in the office even I admit it was pretty cool.  But now that they’re together does the show have to keep making me puke?  They’re pregnant now?  Who cares?  Stop trying to showcase Jim’s serious acting side.  It’s like in Friends when Chandler becomes a total sap after he marries Monica.  The show was NEVER the same and Chandler’s nuts were clearly removed.  Jim’s turning into a vagina and I don’t like it one bit.

Give Creed much more TV Time


You can’t just let this guy have one decent line per show.  Let the man out of his cage for Christ’s sake.  He’s about the best thing this show has going right now.  I’m not saying to make him influential or feature him too often but he’s definitely being under utilized.

Remove Kelly Kapoor completely


Does anyone in the free world have any objections to this?  I know the whole point of her is to annoy the hell out of us.  Congrats guys.  You’ve succeeded admirably.   We get it.  She’s unattractive but thinks she is.  She’s some young generation prissy girl who bothers everyone.  We get that too.  Now can we just get a hot chick to take her place and make all the males in the office uncomfortable?

Have Michael Scott talk significantly less


Why is he so damned featured now?  We get it.  He’s dumb.  Can we just go back to what made the show funny?  Mr. Scott has his dumb lines, yes.  He always has.  But since when is he the entire show?  I don’t need it.  I really don’t.  Somewhere along the lines his character just got way worse and way more annoying.  Why do I feel like he wasn’t this way the first two seasons?  I don’t know.  Because he wasn’t?

Hire Darryl as a Salesperson


Get Darryl into that office full time.   Hearing him on the phone and flirting with the new assistant would work wonders for the show.

*Other small suggestions and observations

Get Jim and Dwight more involved as a team in some way
Exploit Oscar being gay more (Not because I advocate it but because uncomfortable scenes are what made this show funny)
Angela sucks but have her bang Dwight more
Can we get Toby back involved please?
Is Kevin just not funny anymore?  Whose writing his lines dammit?
Get Ryan to do lots of drugs again
I don’t know if Andy will ever be a comfortable fit in this show – no clue there

I could probably write an entire book here but this is just some preliminary stuff.  Let us know your suggestions.