Five Videos of When Jimmy Fallon Was Funny


Does anyone remember a time when Jimmy Fallon used to be funny? Because I sure as hell do. Let’s face it folks. The guy has had his own latenight show for long enough for it to at least start getting funny. His monologues are still absolutely awful and the man just doesn’t fit right in the late night genre.

Still though, I’d take anything over Jay Leno. How this guy has a collection of over 250 cars is beyond me. He should easily still be struggling in all of L.A.’s crappy comedy clubs.

But let’s get back to Fallon. The man used to be hilarious. And I remember on SNL he was kind of like the second coming of Adam Sandler. Here are 5 clips of when Fallon used to be funny

Nick Burns the Computer Guy

Fallon doing Robert Deniro in front of Deniro

Barry Gibb Talk Show

Sully and Denise

Paris Hilton


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