Five Things The Walking Dead Should Fix When It Returns

I think we can all agree that The Walking Dead had a pretty fantastic season this time around. After a lackadaisical season two, the action has really picked up so far in the first half of season three, and it’s become the singular show I look forward to every week, now that Dexter is starting to annoy me.

That said, it’s far from perfect. It still needs some improvement in certain areas, and that’s why I’ve compiled this list of suggested fixes. It’s by no means comprehensive, so feel free to add your own. 

Guns Have Recoil

Oh my god, if I see one more gun fire without any semblance of recoil on this show, I’m going to lose it. It started early in this season when the gang was using all their weapons to clear out the prison. Not a single gun had recoil. Not sniper rifles, shotguns or .45 magnums. If you’ve shot ANY of those, you know they have some serious kick to them. But in the show, they just put little CGI gunfire bursts on the ends and call it a day. Even as someone who is far from a gun nut, this is really, really off-putting each time it occurs onscreen. Spring for some blanks people!

You Can Have More than One Black Guy Alive At Once

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous now. After doing nothing for two seasons, T-Dogg died, then was immediately replaced with a beefy black prisoner. Now barely a few episodes later, he’s dead and replaced by Tyrese. Due to his importance in the comic, I think he’ll stick around a while, but come on, it’s just so token-ish to have them trotted out one at a time like this.

We Don’t Always Need a Middle Aged White Woman to Hate

What is it with this show and making the one character everyone hates a middle-aged white woman? First it was Carol, who was super annoying with her asshat husband and once her daughter went missing. Then it shifted to Lori who was the center of the world’s most useless love triangle. Now that mantle falls to Andrea who is sleeping with the most horrible person on the show and completely oblivious to everything happening around her. Why does it always have to be the same demographic of character that’s annoying. See also Skyler in Breaking Bad and Betty in Mad Men. Maybe it’s an AMC thing.

Don’t Forget What You’ve Said Previously

This falls into a general “plot holes” category, but for instance, don’t have them say “he must have looked around the entire perimeter for openings” in reference to Rick’s search of the prison, and five episodes later show an enormous gaping hole blown in the back wall. Or don’t have characters use zombie guts to sneak past other zombies, then never, ever do that again for no reason.

Don’t Be Afraid to Kill Characters We Love

The Walking Dead has killed plenty of characters since season one, but few that audiences have actually loved. It’s taken the easy way out by killing people like Andrea’s sister, Sophia, Dale, Lori, T-Dogg and so on. Shane, for all his evilness, was the only one I felt the least bit bad about. Now what we have is the culling of the weak so only badasses like Rick, Daryl, Merle, Michonne and Tyrese are hanging around now. Even Carl is now a more badass version of himself. You don’t have to go full Game of Thrones on us, but killing people we love shouldn’t be off the table. But if it’s Daryl, you had better make it the best blaze of glory of all time.