Five Reasons Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the Best Show on Television

That it took me more than one season to get into Always Sunny is beyond me.   I should have watched the pilot and I know deep down I’d have been hooked.   Fortunately I’ve seen them all on DVD so I’m nice and caught up.

But damned if I don’t find this to be the best show on television.  Well, the best comedy.  I think Dexter is the best show.   And I ask myself why the show is so funny.

And like my previous favorite, Seinfeld, there’s a lot to discuss.   However, I’ve pinned it to five things that I’ll highlight as to why this show rules…

A Completely Original Ethical Code

There’s only one other show on television where ethics are twisted in a weird logic and that show is Workaholics.   The characters of Always Sunny live by the weirdest set of ethics imaginable.   It’s like every time they have in idea or plan it seems like the greatest thing in the world and that it’s right, no matter how wrong it in fact is.   I can’t describe it but the sense these people make of everything is absolutely hilarious.  It’s like everything is fine all the time even though in reality it’s completely insane.

While Insane,  Every Character is Intelligent

What makes the code of ethics I mentioned above so believable is the fact that each character is actually smart.   The way they talk and the way they rationalize practically justifies all the stupid and morally wrong things they do.   If these characters were ninnies it wouldn’t be nearly as funny.   Oh, and the cursing on FX helps too.


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