Five Overrated TV Shows Summarized by One Line

I’m extremely critical when it comes to television.  It takes a whole lot to keep me watching a show.  Actually sometimes it takes very little but that’s in cases like The Jersey Shore where it’s so bad that it’s great.   But for a show that is scripted and intended to impress us with characters and plot it’s not easy to captivate an audience.

And I gotta tell  you.  I’m totally miffed at how some shows become successful.  Don’t even get me started on Two and a Half Men.  I’ll just get really really angry.

Over the years and even currently some shows just bother me and honestly I think they’re nothing more than one line and one description…..

Friends – “We all make no money and live in huge apartments.”

For all the success and acclaim this show had I never really thought it was all that good.  I felt most of the show was “overdone” in a way.  Ross was one of the most annoying and loserish characters in the history of TV.  Joey was the only redeemable character.  Phoebe?  Gross.  Monica?  Who cares.  Rachel?  I guess she’s hot but very annoying.  Chandler used to be funny before he got whipped by Monica.  And come on kids.  Those apts would be at least 3-4 grand a month.

Will and Grace – “Accept flamboyant homosexuals on network television”

I just think they overdid the homosexual thing.  If anything I think the show represented the gay community very very poorly.  It’s not like all gay people live by the stereotypes the show pushed on viewers.  The overabundance of it all must have pissed of viewers that are in fact homosexual and aren’t nearly as stereotypical as the show portrayed.  Personally I found the show to be extremely annoying and obnoxious.

How I Met Your Mother – “We’re nothing without Barney”

Imagine this show without Neil Patrick Harris.  And then once his character gets to annoy you?  Case closed.

Everybody Loves Raymond – “Holy Crap”

The show isn’t funny!  OK, families are stressful.  I get that.  But I mean come on.  Your signature lines are stuff like “Holy Crap?”  Really?  Families fight, I get it.  The only decent character on that show was Robert.  Oh, and whenever Chris Elliot came on the show it was decent.

Glee – “Stealing Popular Music to get TV Ratings”

I just don’t get Glee.  I never will.  And I’m fully convinced people love the show because they have so much popular music sung by “normal” people.  I don’t know man.  I just don’t know.


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