Five “Girly” Reality Shows I Don’t Mind Watching

One of the “benefits” of being married or in a relationship is that you are forced to see a way of life you are not accustomed to as a male.  And I tread lightly when I use the word benefit.  Because I’d say more often than not you are exposed to worlds that aren’t so tempting to be a part of.

However, there are things like learning to cook or knowing that it’s OK to wash your face.   These things I don’t mind.  In fact I’m glad I have a woman around me to make me “better.”

And even though these shows make me “worse” I can’t help but to indulge.  Here are five “girly” reality shows I don’t mind watching…

Top Chef or Any Cooking Show

Hell I like pretty much any cooking show.  I admit that I love cooking.  This is probably the least “girly” of all the shows on this list.  Also I’d like to point out that anything with Giada DeLaurentiis gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Anytime she says Mozzarella you kind of have to giggle.  Oh yeah, she’s really hot too.

House Hunters

This is probably one of my favorite shows on television.  It’s basically people looking for homes.  There’s also House Hunters International where people look for homes abroad.  An agent takes people out, they look at three places, choose one, and that’s the show.   It’s a very “couples” type of show but it’s always fun to see houses of all prices, shapes, and sizes in specific geographical areas.

Access Hollywood

I admit it, as much as I can’t stand the whole gossip scene I can’t help get wrapped up in this show when it’s on.   No, I don’t really care about what happens in Lindsay Lohan’s life but whatever, it’s entertaining.  That’s all I can say about that.


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