Five Faces I Was Surprised to See While Watching Smallville Season 1

I’m currently taking on the monumental task of trying to watch ten seasons of Smallville in my spare time. Why? Well, I followed the show for about five years, but gave up as watching it week to week became too frustratingly stupid to keep up with. But as it’s finally ending, I kind of want to see where it all went, as it was one of my favorite past times during my youth and featured my first ever TV crush, Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang.

I just finished making my way through the rather excellent season one, and I happened to see a surprisingly large amount of recognizable faces in different episodes. The show started way back in 2001, and proved to be a jumping off point for a lot of actors and actresses we know today. Here are five that caught my eye who I’m guessing you’ll recognize:

5. Lizzy Caplan

She’s been in Mean Girls, True Blood and Party Down, but way back when Caplan found herself in the fourth episode of Smallville, where she played a girl obsessed with Lana Lang, and was granted shapeshifting powers through meteor rocks. She’s responsible for the rather memorable “Lex Luther robs a bank” scene, and it’s also the episode where Clark discovers his X-Ray vision. I believe she makes another appearance later, pretending to be Lana’s boyfriend Whitney, magically home from serving overseas despite being reported dead.

4. Sean Ashmore

The X-Men veteran wasn’t given ice powers in Smallville (such an episode did happen in season one however), but he was the star of one of the most notable episodes of the season. In “Leech” Ashmore acquires Clark’s powers through a lightning strike, and quickly finds that putting school bullies in the hospital doesn’t land you hero status, but rather terror from everyone who knows you.

3. Kelly Brook

Before she was one of the world’s hottest covergirls or swimming with three dimensional piranha in a bikini, Kelly Brook had a multi-episode arc as Lex Luthor’s love interest and business rival. Despite the assets she boasts these days, they either were kept hidden during the show for ratings reasons, or they just hadn’t come in yet.

2. Adam Brody

OC vet Brody shows up at the tail end of the season as a love interest to poor Chloe, who never gets any action of her own most of the time. He’s an artist who has lost the use of his hands in a car accident, but gains the power of telekinesis. A few memorable scenes from the episode are when he kisses Chloe and clearly CGI objects in the room levitate, and the above scene where he tries to spear Clark in the chest with a chainsaw. It doesn’t work.

1. Amy Adams

This one made me laugh out loud. Usually you don’t go from “fatsuit” to “Oscar nominee” unless you’re Eddie Murphy, but Amy Adams did just that as way back when, she donned such a getup for “Craving,” an episode where she plays a fat girl who gets instantly thin using kryptonite smoothies.  She starts off in super chub mode, as seen above, but by the end she’s a svelt goddess who makes everyone around her drool. Too bad she ends up being a cannibal.

Now I’m starting season two, and I’m on the lookout for more ridiculous cameos like these. This show can be pretty retarded, but I’m enjoying reliving these memories at the moment. We’ll see if I can make it through over a 150 hours of this though.

  • Filosoraptor

    It’s worth mentioning that Sean’s twin brother Aaron was later casted to play Jimmy Olsen in the same series.

  • Josh


    It’s also worth mentioning that Sean and Aaron starred as twin brothers in an episode of Fringe a few months ago. Excellent episode at that and, in my opinion, the best guest stars the show has had short of Peter Weller in season 2 (who deserved at least an Emmy for the episode but didn’t stand a chance against Lithgow)

  • Filosoraptor


    Yes, you’re right. It actually came to my mind after I had posted the comment. Great episode of Fringe. I also agree with you on Peter Weller. He is totally my favorite guest star on the show so far.

    You see Paul? You really need to get into Fringe again!

  • Snoowy

    I’m doing the exact same thing! I freaked out when I saw those people. Amy Adams doesn’t really look like she changed much.

  • pedro

    No love for Tony Todd?

  • jebus

    Just started rewatching this again, as well and overall I still enjoy it quite a bit. It was never meant to be taken ‘too’ seriously, and mostly flows together nicely. Though the first thre seasons and this last season are probably the best. It gets muddled for a while but what can you expect.

    On another note the young black guy who plays Clark and Chloes friend (sorry I forget his name at the moment) is now totally famous for another reason… possessing over 10000 oxycontin.

  • Gadget

    Kelly Brooks was a much-maligned tv presenter over here in the UK for the Channel 4 morning show: The Big Breakfast.

    She kept on getting little things wrongs, but she was hot as hell, and definately had the boobies long before she appeared in Smallville