Fare Thee Well, Michael Scott

As I’ve followed The Office for seven years now, I thought it only fitting to at least recognize the departure of its idiot-in-chief, Steve Carell’s Michael Scott.

The man has become a television icon, a balance between a child, a moron and a pretty good guy, and for all my issues with the later seasons of The Office, namely him occasionally going full retard and acting more like Homer Simpson than an actual human being, it’s sad to see him go.

I was down on The Office for a long time, a few seasons actually, but recently the show seems to have found its magic again. It’s focused less on absurd plotlines (Dwight setting the office on fire, Michael driving into a pond) and focused more on its individual characters, including Michael Scott.

He’s grown up, and that was demonstrated by his rather touching farewell last night. I think the most telling moment was during the party planning committee meeting where he finally decided that the celebration shouldn’t be all about him for a change. Watching him say goodbye to everyone in a unique way was a good way to structure the episode. The best farewells were all almost tear inducing, between Dwight’s recommendation letter and long awaited paintball game, Jim’s admission of admiration and Pam’s airport Lost in Translation silent goodbye moment. Really expertly done.

I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Michael Scott, and here’s to hoping we see him show up at the end of next season, with Michael Scott Jr. in tow.


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