Every Walking Dead Zombie Kill in Infographic Form

Well then, I don’t know who sat down and watched all three seasons of The Walking Dead to compile a list this detailed, but I salute you. It comes from the National Post, and is everything you could ever want to know about how many zombies have been killed on the show, who did it, and with what weapon. It’s like zombie Clue.

As you may expect, Rick is leading the pack with 84 zombie kills, followed by Daryl with 41. Hershel is actually up there too with 19. All in all, the group has killed 349 zombies so far, give or take a few.

Be forewarned that the list contains spoilers, as you may or may not want to know which cast members get zombified and have to be killed. With the way the show is going, we may need a human kill counter as well.

Check out the full graphic below:

(click for slightly more readable size)



  • banditone

    Wow. You really let anyone / everyone have their way with your website. Pop-ups and spam dominate almost as much as actual content now. I miss the old days 🙁

  • Lubz

    All of Herschels kills came when he unlocked unlimited ammo at the end of season 2 🙂

  • Geoff

    @ banditone adblock plus. no issues here

  • GrandWazoo

    For future reference following a specific number, like 349, with the phrase “give or take a few” makes absolutely no sense. Well, IS IT 349, or is it some other number?