Every Power Ranger Ever in a Single Colossal Battle


I wish my seven year old self was here to see this now, because he would probably be crapping his pants with how awesome it is. Hell, I’m practically doing that now.

I have no idea when this historic event actually took place, but on some Japanese episode of Power Rangers (or during one of the country’s famed Power Ranger reenactments) this scene unfolded, where every Power Ranger that had ever existed was summoned to do battle against evil uh…I don’t know. They look slightly scarier than Putties.

As you may recall, there were about 10,000 versions of this show, and therefore an ass ton of Rangers. You get to numbers this strong, start fighting space aliens, and you’re right up there in terms of numbers and capability with the Green Lanterns.

This truly is a sight to behold. Check it out above.

  • el_terrible

    I vaguely remember one episode when I was a kid where they brought back about 3 generations of power rangers (that’s all there were at the time) it was epic. I think it was a christmas special or something? I’ll have to ask my brother about it.. could have also just been a dream of mine. 😛

  • Surly Canadian

    I was going to lamely (and incorrectly, I might add) correct your spelling of “putties” as “puddies”, because I frankly don’t know shit. Good thing I decided to fact-check on that. But then I had an amazing thought…

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Power Rangers were doing battle with an army of cloned Puddy’s? As in Dave Puddy from Seinfeld. I can’t imagine a more terrifying sight to behold than a legion of Patrick Warburton’s coming after you.

    High Five.

  • RobG

    My 10 year old self just had his first erection.

  • Adam

    There’s enough merchandising potential in this video to make even George Lucas jealous! 🙂

  • Abe

    It’s the opening of the latest Super Sentai series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. And the theme is pirates….space pirates, actually.

    All the previous Sentais (or Rangers, whichever you’re more fond of) combine forces to face a new enemy, but stripped off of their powers at the end of the video. Yeah, those tiny little lights (or fireflies) are Sentai/Ranger powers that just drift away in space.

    It’s bat-shit crazy. And epic-ly awesome at the same time.

  • This is from the first episode of the 35th Super Sentai Series “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaigers”.

    Glad to see this comes to your attention. They are already on episode 7.

  • Mumu

    OMG it was soo awesome my ten year old self cried >.<

  • Metz

    Wait, where were the Ninja Power Rangers, the ones that were in the feature length movie? I remember those were seen in a few tv episodes as well and they were definitely not in this video. Disappointing……