Every Power Ranger Ever in a Single Colossal Battle


I wish my seven year old self was here to see this now, because he would probably be crapping his pants with how awesome it is. Hell, I’m practically doing that now.

I have no idea when this historic event actually took place, but on some Japanese episode of Power Rangers (or during one of the country’s famed Power Ranger reenactments) this scene unfolded, where every Power Ranger that had ever existed was summoned to do battle against evil uh…I don’t know. They look slightly scarier than Putties.

As you may recall, there were about 10,000 versions of this show, and therefore an ass ton of Rangers. You get to numbers this strong, start fighting space aliens, and you’re right up there in terms of numbers and capability with the Green Lanterns.

This truly is a sight to behold. Check it out above.


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