Every Kramer Entrance from ‘Seinfeld’ Ever


It’s times like these I wonder, who had the time to watch every single episode of Seinfeld and cut every Kramer entrance and put them all in one video? The answer is YouTube user, tylercreviston, and all his hard work has created this six minute long video that I will watch one minute of and stop because I get the general idea. Thanks Tyler!

[via Warming Glow]

  • Madison

    Interesting project I guess, but yeah, I kind of got the point after 30 seconds or so.

  • Lagrange

    but wait there is more. I jumped and recognised an evolution. at the beginning he is comming in quite normal but then around 3 minutes he is allways sliding in

  • tissmekyle

    about 280 times he came through the door

  • mick

    funny stuff…….

  • Nattyb